December 23, 2012

Christmas Random Musing

Dear Christmas, I just can't wait for you all my Christmas present are finally here and I can't wait to open each of it

December 9, 2012

Counting to Christmas

Hey all bloggers, It’s that time of year again. It seems like it arrives faster every year, but once again we have arrived at the end of one year and are about to start another. Leading up to the new year makes us reassess the year that was and begin planning our lives for the year ahead. I just hope that us family will make a massive changes in our lives but never change as in person.

Well this our theme for this year in STB, White and Blue to relax our mind and be ready for the new file, books and record and all the transaction for 2013. Wish me luck fellas..Anyway, today is lovely Sunday morning and I'm still here working for the rest of the holidays with my colleagues and hearing Christmas song for now and still counting to Christmas day...and actually there's a lot in my mind what I want for this coming Christmas

Well this are a few my favorite old times Christmas song
Silver Bells (Johnny Mathis) – I love it. I do. And it’s so melodic. Just fun to sing. There’s not much to say beyond that. Except that it’s about precious metals and shopping. How could any woman not love it?

Last Christmas (Wham!) - Christmas heartbreak, as extolled so geniusly by George Michael. Though I was also given a Wham! record, I can’t say I was ever a fan. I was always more confused by him than anything else. Sorry..

Silent Night- Let me qualify this one. I like this song. A lot, actually. Despite my having been forced to sing it hundreds of times in fourth-grade Glee Club. I’ve forgiven that. What I hate about it is that it’s one of those songs, you know, like I Will Always Love You or The Star-Spangled Banner, that everyone knows the words to, everyone sings, and most people butcher. Some songs are best left to the pros.

But I like this one VERY MUCH
Hmmm ~~ still don't have any idea for Christmas Eve...I write for more anyway, hope everyone enjoy their count down to Christmas Day

November 25, 2012

Another Sunday Random Musing

Hey all you bloggers, it's almost end of November and I'm started to look forward for Christmas already. But first of all Happy Thanks Giving to you who might visit this not-so-cool blog. Random musing it what I've been thinking this Sunday morning and it actually lead me to the word CONFIDENCE. Then favorite quote/thought on Sunday Morning,

 "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy" - Norman Vincent Peale (I feel blessed every time I read this quote)

My opinion, it’s really okay to admit that you have worries, fears, and anxieties. It’s okay to be a little awkward. When you focus too much on how awkward you are, you become even more awkward anyway. So let all that hang out and say: Yes, here’s me, I am sometimes a social weirdo and this is how God made me. I don’t mean in a prideful way, but in a way that you don’t take yourself so seriously. You almost dismiss yourself and trust God with who you are: and that’s when you really find yourself. This will sound strange, but it is WAY better to be okay with your own awkwardness than to try to correct it by self-pressure. Being confident of your own weird self is all the real confidence you need. If you try to make a good impression, then of course it’ll make a worse impression.

So Cheers to everyone!

November 20, 2012

Quickie with Love

Hey all you blogger, its been a month since my last post. Well been very, VERY BUSY lately I'm trying to find the right time to post at least quickie post for today. ( After work of course!) Remember I used to write fun it is to work within a tourism line company?? Well I don't feel that anymore....Sometimes it's kinda annoys me actually..or may be life get little hard on me for this moment? It's really disappointing as I used have fun with all the works and stuff but ...I just don't enjoy the ride anymore. October and November 2012 was a really tough month for me but I'd learned that although I'm forever spent my days searching far and wide to find the things I might learn to love, only to be perpetually disappointed and exasperated. But through my reading and writing, I don’t need to travel to find what I’m looking for. To look deeply at who I am and what I’m about, I need not stray too far.

October 21, 2012

Messy October

Hey all you bloggers, well we've been entering the month of October now and I hope everything went well for you guys. As for me, the month of October was really a crazy month where for once again I had to deal with police and a few report. Well I knew I was wrong at the first place but pointing finger to somebody is not Professional do event when you are in BIG TROUBLE! luckily my Boss was a very kind man indeed and helped me out even though root of problem was actually done by me. Well I didn't do it purpose, it just that I didn't expect people would call and told you that the cheque name needs to be change, then suddenly become A CHEATER who cheated the 5000 thousand dollars. Ha ~ Imagine that... 19 October 2012 was a very bad day for me, until I myself couldn't understand why people want to cheat and get money in a wrong way...I'm REALLY in a HOT SOUP for this. Well I'm just afraid this matter will jeopardized my career in my workplace as I'm very happy working in here, although sometimes I don't really love the environment but still... Well I just everyone out there pray for me and wish me the best, words of motivation are REALLY needed right now as I felt very lonely inside, I can't simply tell all my problems to my mother as I need to grow and be independent (I really need her actually).

September 30, 2012


Yes , hence the title I just got back from the land of the rising sun, JAPAN!! God, I swear I really love the culture, language and few of the delicacies (still new to raw food actually... But after came back from Japan, I'm getting busier with workloads but I will upload few photo when I was on duty in Japan. Well honestly speaking I really enjoyed my stay stay in Japan...kinda new view/perspective to something new. This is the preview of the all pictures...stay tune ;P

September 9, 2012

Plans! And more Plans!

Sometimes it’s good to not have a Plan B. If Plan A is all you have and it’s either make it or break it, the high stakes will put a lot more pressure on the situation and might be just what you need to make sure you succeed at Plan A. People who are determined to have a Plan B usually aren’t too privately confident in the realistic abilities of Plan A to begin with.

Well my advise, Have a little faith in yourself and ditch the contingency.

September 8, 2012

Saturday Musing

And apparently thinking and blogging in fragmented thoughts.

September 3, 2012

Corporate Training Retreat a.k.a family day 2012

The Family day went out really well actually...I quite like it and this is the first time in my life I REALLY ENJOY DANCING. Well I'm just posting some of the picture that I've taken but more to come...ngeh
I just love beaches ...and my shoe

The dinner was the highlight of the night, well everybody looks different, lot of shows and performance by each department from STB and SPS too! Crazy, CRRRAAAZZYYYY NIGHT. P.s I had Headache ATTACK afterward, really can't sleep.

                                                               My leftover food always 'smile'

On the next day, breakfast  time...err the restaurant was very crowded, so I just took one yogurt and run to watch the games at the beach and take few photos of the nature.

                                                                 After breakfast, at the pool

                                                                         FUN TIMES!!!!

                                                     Final lunch before depart to STB

August 29, 2012

Time for March

Hey all, hence the title I will be busying with marching band for this week...well just in case you don't understand what I'm writing about then you can read my previous post here

Well so far we've been really good with teamwork, and all (but if you ask on our discipline...well we kinda have to work it out a bit..ngeh).

So here's of the picture of yesterday and today (this morning) rehearsal.


I've always to want to do that pose...I think its crazy-cute pose..ngeh

Yeah...thats us STB (women only)...GO GO SABAH TOURISM BOARD!

Just before the smile from everyone


Make us proud

so...this is all for now, more post to come...keep on track people!

P.S I nearly miss the bus thing morning..HUAAARRRGGGGGHHHH