April 18, 2011

Life ain't easy ~

I need to get back to blogging. The last few weeks have been so crazy that I have been struggling to put two thoughts together, so typing something down on the screen has been particularly difficult

The irony of it all was when I found myself in a conversation with my mom and saying out loud to her to just let it go . Well there you have it, proof that it’s easier said than done, because it’s true that when you’re looking in from the outside you are able to see that sometimes all you can do is let it go because the emotional heartache you’re causing yourself by holding on to a feeling is worse than the situation itself. I learned there was a lot of truth to my dad’s simple words and that the difficult part was accepting and letting go when you’re the one going through the situation.

What I found was that the words alone weren’t what helped, rather it was because those words were filled with thoughts of God and my faith in him . Whatever happens, no matter how difficult it may be, happens for a reason and the best thing I can do is to surrender to God, knowing in my heart that he will see me through. That fear will not get me anywhere, it will just leave me at a standstill. And most importantly that there are many things that are just out of my control and if I just continue to have faith and trust in God, then I am not alone.

A lot things had happen on college and trust me, my friends are having a big cat fight and I don't even know about it. Hello!! Yourr getting out of the college next month and you guys still fighting? I don't know which one is the wrong or right but really think that they should stop and have peace between them. So unmatured. Okay not trying to a crazy ass over here but I heard that from the third parties saying that 'Ms peanut' and 'Ms Rock' having a fight because of money own by Ms rock was stolen by ms peanut! ( ...and why I'm even called them peanut and rock? Shesh..)

Okay the story goes like this: maybe peanut put her bag beside rock's bag at the time suddely she notice that her 50 dolar was missing. And then rock saids that her 50 dolar were also missing and their accusing each other. Queation is where's the 50 dolar? Ms Peanut says that her money was been put by her mom and for Ms Rock says she put her money folded inside her bag before she left it in the classroom. What I think stupid is, why both of them want to put both their bag together in an empty classroom?
Hearing this makes me feel really dissapointed about what had happen.


April 12, 2011

Japanese Oral Test and future

Hello everyone, got a bad cold but nevermind...it like been awhile I haven't post anything but well living in curated life can be really challenging though....well today I have Japanese Oral test where our final oral of the year and of course the last one too! Ah~ I miss everyone already. Okay, just now Ms Akiko started with Group A and everyone feel so nerveous. Whoa, last semester and was really serious this time everyone.

All my friends are trying to memorized all the Japanese phrase and of course I thaught some of them who need helps from me hehehhe. Fun moment though but I know it wont last forever. Soon or later I had to leave all them and getting started with new people, new environment, and new life...

Anyway, this is something that is hitting home many times this year (so far)- 'Worry About The Future'. I know that this is on many people’s minds.

The universe says that what ever you think strongly about will come to you strongly and full force. From that I understand the more I worry about my future, the more I am going to make myself worry about my future in the days to come. Still, there is something unresolve that makes me hard to stand true to this logic.

I have been so worried, questioning, if I’m following the right path . If I am on the right track of my future. I look for signs every where. Maybe signs that I shouldn’t even be looking at or I am taking the sign in and giving it the wrong meaning. Life is not easy all the time but it should be easy to deal with things. The problem should come and go, making the future better.

I want to know, How do you know you’re on the right path? What feeling? What technique? what tells you that you are on the right path?

I think having a constant reminder, something that can tell you, that you are on the right path. Keep up the good work. I think many more people would be in a better place. But not me...

I guest I just have to live with the present and enjoy my life better

Child under 15 declared brain dead for 1st time in Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Child under 15 declared brain dead for 1st time in Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

April 3, 2011

Trip To K....AGAIN! Part I

Hello everyone, Have a nice weekend! Well it's like a year and I've so many things to tell. Well again we had our the very last and great trip to K which is Kundasang( this is my second) and it was really exciting. I haven't got the pictures from my friends but I promise I will attach some pictures....

It was Friday morning and it was really cold because of the rain( not cats and dogs one) and all ATIC student was waiting at Wisma Sabah and have a little bit of conversation about nothing. Well a lot of juniors beside us and I felt a bit old with them. Oh well....as long I'm with my friends, I'm okay with it....ngeh! We was like had already had to start our journey then suddenly one of our friend is Missing! Yup, Vincent Wong. Thank god that miss Nelly still have sense of humanity as she allowed us to for him for another 10 minutes! 5 minutes then he arrived then some of other junior were had manage to arrived at the same location. Hmm...talked about punctuality.

I was so excited back then I almost forget all my problems at home as my friends are my place to tell everything about my problem...love all of them actually
Of course we sung along the journey to Kundasang and took a lot of pictures as our last sweet memory.

Sabah Tea
We gather at Sabah Tea as our first destination. Everything was really fresh and natural. I feel really relax. This was my first timer being in Sabah Tea and as a Sabahan, I feel proud of our states product which are very important not just for the locals but also for tourism industry. Hooray Sabah Tea !
The legendary origin of tea drinking has been traced back to the Chinese Emperor Chen Nung of 2737BC, who was also a scholar and herbalist, who discovered this detectable drink when he was sitting beneath a tree while his servant was boiling a pot of water. A few leaves from a tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) dropped into the pot of water, gave an excellent aroma and he found it tasted as good when sipped. Well lets not talked about history, bad news for us that day as the factory and the progress of tea-making was stop due to the electricity breakdown....how unlucky! But the good thing is, the chief was gladly to show us some part of the factory...And we got FREE packs of tea. My mom would be happy as she loves tea so much every night she had a cup of tea before going to bed. It's was raining that day and few of my friends were eating Ice - cream, plus offer some to me. I don't want to be rude but eating ice-cream in the middle of rainy day was totally not my style.

Fish Spa had made its appearance in shopping complexes where one can go and let the fish nibble on the skin, peeling away dead skin cells while experiencing the massage sensation. yeah right, but can we enjoy the fish spa during rainy season? Of Course NOT!

Having fish spa in its natural environment and habitat is quite rare. The community of Kg Luanti located about 18 kilometres from Ranau town seems to be blessed with this natural spa, where the river, Sg Morali was turned into a tourist attraction. Well I hate to say this but beside the fish spa, what can we do for recreation over here? Besides, my first visit to this place, me and my fellow saw something unpleasant such as men underwear hanging on the traditional bamboo window. I bet one the tourist forget to claimed after they enjoying their bath with the fish. Yikes

To go to Kg Luanti, the best way is to drive up the winding road from Kota Kinabalu towards National Park or Sandakan and on the way after Ranau town is this Tagal Sungai Morali, Kg. Luanti Baru. This remote village has been selected as the Malaysia River Care winner Award in 2006 for their effort in maintaining the natural gift. Wow, I'm impressed ! Of course Mr Jeffrin talked about the Tagal system and funny things about the fishes name Stella, Mona and John. He said tha the way Stella and Mona bite people were just love bite and he even describe it as 'SWEET LOVE BITE'. Okay, I'm not crazy I think they just made up story just to attract tourist to that area but clever huh? anyway, we had our lunch and took a few pictures. Next destination, off to Sabah Poring Hot Spring!!

Poring Hot Spring
The hot springs' water contain sulfur, which have health as well curative properties for skin diseases. At Poring, one can find the world's biggest flower, the Refflesia which if you are lucky, you can see in bloom. Also, an orchid garden containing most of the native species, and a butterfly farm are some of the attraction at Poring. Well we arrived here just in time the people get out from the pool. At the first visit last year, I haven't got the chance to go for Canopy walk on the Hanging Bridge... Now when Me, Sister Sarara, Chim Mui Han, Mala, Ervinawaty, Shah Rizal, MArc, May May and Chonah went there, we was like truly exhausted and then I realize that along the way my head keep reminds of the song called 'the climb' by that err...Miley Cyrus. Goddd!!! My friend Chim Mui Han always screaming and when she does that, I get panic and yelled too !! Damn It! HAhaha since everyone was really tired and my stupid Asthma are attacking me after canopy walk, we went outside the resort and bought some drinks and souvenirs for our self . Yes only for our self not for anyone. You want it, you buy it! When we reached the bus, I heard that Ah Tee and Vincent went for bath in some unknown area. Hmm...wonder what are they up to.....Ngeh

After 2 long hour at Poring, we finally depart to Ranau town and it was start raining cats and dogs!! Then Kak Dewi asked me whether she can take me to CIMB bank...well just to accompany her, she might not use to the place as both of us are from Kota Kinabalu. We had to run as fast our legs could carry us as the rain pour down heavily. Some of the local looking at us and talked about something plus pointing finger at us which I think was very rude but who cares anyways? We're totaly soaked wet. Lucky for kak Dewi She bring her sweater but not me,I'm freaking cold . I'm totally wet!! Damn it! As everybody was inside the bus, finally we depart to Kundasang at D'villa Loudge where we will be sleeping that night. But of course what's trip to Ranau without buying the 'Buntut Ayam' along the way. Really nice....

P.s that night, I was attacked by Fever

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