May 16, 2011

Happy Double Birthday for my friends

Today is not a really good day for me but just post say hello to all you bloggers out there.

Well just want wish to both of my friend Abigail and Vincent Wong a great Birthday and may god bless them. Actually they had the same birthday on the same day but on different year. I year gap huh? Let me shortened their character and attitude

Abigail Clarence A.K.A Abby
- a friend, a sister and a mother
- Good but sometimes can really mean ( sorry)
- Married to one of my friend in DHM 05/09 Malcom Marwill
- sometimes can be really silent in person(really?)
- Good girl gone bad...
- Love by some peeps
- can be really annoying sometimes but actually she's nice
- Great sister to her sister and brother
- very strong person ( all I know she's not easily cry when there's a problem before her

Vincent Wong A.K.A Xiao Vin
- silent killer
- sometimes speak louder than other
- 20 by day but 27 by night ...( kidding)
- love to sing weird song
- the 'sleeping Beauty' in class
- Best friend to Hyperactive Chua Hong Tee
- can be a good listener though
- hard to predict his emotion ( sometimes I don't know when he moody or not)
- not a gentlemen but a great friend to other
- sometimes can be really sweet talking guy

All I want to say is both of them can be a really good friend to me different characteristic create different view though. As the people say...Character is much easier kept than recovered everyone. And I want to take this oppurtunities to thank both of them for being really a good friend to me throughout this 2 and half years our days in ATIC.

Once again, Abby and Xiao Vin ....Happy Birthday to both and may god bless you two

P.S I'm trying to be nice in here because today I've through a lot of things...I guest I should need something to relax my mind

May 12, 2011

Finally....And the last thing to leave behind

Hey all you bloggers!! Good day to everyone! Well I finally finish my FINAL Exam paper for Basic Research Methodology and it was quite intense though...Well as usual I did my reading last night and lucky for for me I manage to answer my favorite section which is the essay. But today are my last day and moment with all my friends and we all will be heading for our attachment soon! Hooray!!

We started at 9am until 12pm actually( of course some of us finish early and assumed that they didn't do their revision . So after all had finish, we all went to Kopitiam a.k.a Borneo Backpackers
and take a few picture all of us. Well my friend still haven't upload the picture in Facebook so soon or later I'll show you guys who is DTM 05/09 plus our 'twins' which is the DHM05/09.
I was actually worried about my attachment as I still got outstanding in college but my friend Sister Mala says that it will not a problem as they (she and Effie) already went to the student affair and Ms Christiana J (she the one who handle our orientation intake since day one) and she said everything will be okay if the result of GPA for us student exceed more 3 and above . So I think it's okay though but still scared ....hey anything could happen.

Abigail Clarence
Chim Mui Han
Chonnah Reynes
Chua Hong Tee
Doris Kung Siang Tiing
Elmahera Ambrus
Ervinawaty Mohd Faizal
Emma Romelene A Paraiso
Esther K Donny
Georgianne N George
Jeremiah Liew Chi Hung
Marie Florences S Cabato
Noralawiyah Gati
Sha Rizal Salleh
Siti Sahara A R ( Sister Sarara)
Sugiarti Supimo
Vincent Wong Yee Hung
Von Kerwin M Jugo

These are the people that I will miss though, eventhough they all sometimes become pain in my ass than before . So many sweet memories to remember and too bad we won't last forever. 3 years went by so fast that right now I only remember that ....well it seems like yesterday we went to our first orientation together, having a fight with other , all's the gossip and drama . And by mean of drama I really mean the situation of Friendship becoming enemy, enemy become your friends and even the some of us wouldn't expect to fall for each other and just keep remind silent ...And yes, when people say college is the best year of your life, you bet that the person is telling you the truth because ...hey, When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? Ha~~ Kidding...

People come into our lives and sometimes people have to get out of our lives. When they arrive they open doors we might have thought long closed. They can be a muse; a source of inspiration. They can change our lives in way we never saw coming. But they can also become estructive, wasteful and lacking in respect for our time and energy and then . . . .well I guess the only option is to leave them behind with a lot of other bothersome baggage.

And the last thing to leave behind . . .BOREDOM!!!

May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's day Mom

Hey bloggers, just wishing all the mom's out there a very great mother's day (if it affects anyone reading (yeah yeah, I’m a day late)!

Well My mom had to deal with some things no one should ever have to. She never became bitter at her situation or anyone. She never whined, or said “Why me?” She never let her circumstances define her. She just did what she had to do, one day at a time. She was the bravest person I’ve ever met.

She reminded me to forgive even those who had been cruel, and give people the benefit of the doubt.
She taught me that no matter how hard you cry at night, the sun will still come up in the morning.

Although I only got 20 short years with my mom, I know I’m one of the luckiest daughters alive. My mom taught me to be independent, confident, nurturing and driven. She raised me to believe in love, hope and myself.Plus she has also been a source of endless hugs and support.

Over the years she has entertained me…
listened to me, laughed with me…

and has sometimes driven me absolutely crazy!

But no matter what, it’s nice to know that there is someone out there who can gaze at me with so much love and who thinks that I am an astounding and exceptional human being. (If one believes mothers, it seems there are a whole lot of exceptional people out there, so maybe being exceptional isn’t actually all that… exceptional…)

My advices???
Attention to all teenagers who has been raised by a single parent, give the old lady a break...she's giving the best as she could..

May 6, 2011

Thought for Friday

I haven’t been happy happy for a while and it’s mostly caused by a few stuff
that’s going on in life right now. Today however, i think i kinda figured it out a little more.

I think it’s just because I’m not happy. Not happy at everything and myself.

We should be happy, right? It’s important that we are happy by ourselves,
because only then will we be able to be happy with other people.

I need to believe in myself, believe that i am worth it.

I’m not sure why this is so difficult but i know i’m not loving myself
enough which leads me to thinking i’m not worth it.

May 3, 2011

Finally Done with HR

Hi everyone, well its been awhile though...well today's the final week for my examination in ATIC, well not sad actually but everything will be end up with sweet ending.

Okay, yes hence the title, I've done with my HR paper and I think I really did my best for today. Some of my friends says that the paper was so hard but hey...if you hit the book, you don't even feel the difference baby...hehehe. Anyway, tomorrow is my Japanese test, wish me luck every one ^_^

God please help me...