January 16, 2013


My twins was diagnosed with Salivary gland infection, ughh...it hurt when someone that you trust and care in your live is sick with stupid illness and you can't do anything...

Pray to God

January 1, 2013

2012 in Brief

Hey all you bloggers, we're now entering a New Year after struggling with ups and down in 2012. I hope everything goes well with you guys out there in 2012 ( well my sister don't...she looking forward to 2013 as 2012 brings her BAD LUCK!).

Year of 2012 being very nice to me since the very beginning; this might sound a bit cliche but I have the opportunity to travel be it short and long distance.
2012 in Brief

1) Finished my last report of Training
2) Marine Awareness - Save The Giant
3) Went for Site Inspection in Semporna and Product update: I and II
4) My life lesson from a Tree
5) One of my Happiest Moment - Graduation Day
6) My first-time-Ever Paintball Match (...and believe me, after playing one game, you really love to 'KILL'

7) 7K Charity Run - "Run Forest! RUN"
8) 'Can February March' - The Opportunity to March with STB staff here
9) Spend some quality time with family during Eids
10) Attending my friends Wedding - Big Congratulation!
11) Break our fast at our Chairman's place during Ramadhan
12) Corporate Training Family day with all STB Staff here
13) My First time out of the Country - Invading Japan!
14) The 'Dooms' day - Learn from MISTAKE, always the breaking point
15) And of course...CHRISTMAS

Well I really love 2012 (Year of Dragon)and I hope I'll be able to receive more love in 2013, and New Year resolution...err I haven't think about it yet, but keep on track everyone. (..Gosh)