October 21, 2012

Messy October

Hey all you bloggers, well we've been entering the month of October now and I hope everything went well for you guys. As for me, the month of October was really a crazy month where for once again I had to deal with police and a few report. Well I knew I was wrong at the first place but pointing finger to somebody is not Professional do event when you are in BIG TROUBLE! luckily my Boss was a very kind man indeed and helped me out even though root of problem was actually done by me. Well I didn't do it purpose, it just that I didn't expect people would call and told you that the cheque name needs to be change, then suddenly become A CHEATER who cheated the 5000 thousand dollars. Ha ~ Imagine that... 19 October 2012 was a very bad day for me, until I myself couldn't understand why people want to cheat and get money in a wrong way...I'm REALLY in a HOT SOUP for this. Well I'm just afraid this matter will jeopardized my career in my workplace as I'm very happy working in here, although sometimes I don't really love the environment but still... Well I just everyone out there pray for me and wish me the best, words of motivation are REALLY needed right now as I felt very lonely inside, I can't simply tell all my problems to my mother as I need to grow and be independent (I really need her actually).