December 31, 2011

New Year Resolution

I think we can all agree: 2011 sucked. It was a big stupid year
full of big stupid things. All around, it was just stupid.

Finally, though, 2012 is just around the corner. Now, we can
pretend that 2011 never happened and look forward to the Mayan
apocalypse. (Note to Self: Mayan Apocalypse is a great name for
a metal band.)

Since 2011 was the worst year since 1993 (the year that Crystal
Pepsi was discontinued), I am going to ignore the trend that
everyone else will be jumping on. Why would I want to review the
previous year? No, I will look forward to 2012.

My list of Resolution??
1) Write 3 blog posts or more a week.
My blogging has come in spurts. Some weeks I post every day, other times I’ve gone almost a full month between posts. I hope by setting a minimum number per week that I’ll have a goal and be more faithful.

2) Ignore Crazy and Persimist person

3) Walk/ Run 500 miles (that’s about 10 miles a week).
Just four laps around my neighborhood is a 5k (3.2 miles). I plan on walking the KK City at least three times a week and plan to walk on the treadmill at the gym on the days that the weather prohibits me from walking outside. (Sometimes sport/exercise can make me feel itchy)

4) ????

Well anyway, It’s that time of year again. It seems like it arrives faster every year, but once again we have arrived at the end of one year and are about to start another. Leading up to the new year makes us reassess the year that was and begin planning our lives for the year ahead.

I just hope that us family will make a massive changes in our lives but never change as in person.

Enjoy the last day of 2011 everyone and Happy New Year!!

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

Well although I had to work on Christmas day, I just want to wish all me friends and family a Great and beautiful Christmas this year. May God bless all of us and the harmony life among us will be continued.

And to all bloggers around the world, I wish you a very beautiful Christmas with you love ones. Here in Malaysia it's very common for us to celebrate Christmas without the "White Blanket" cover our ground since it's always sunny all year round in here. But somehow I really wish I could feel the snow falling on my hand in this meaningful Holiday Season.
But I know it's impossible and this very first time receive many present from my friend in Sabah Tourism Board. Really love it, I hope everyone in Sabah Tourism Board will be bless everyday and many years to come.

I once have a friend telling me about the snow and how he told me on the Christmas Eve people would actually had to shove the heavy snow on the road.I don't know where he is now and what he's up to but I really wish him a very nice Christmas with his family and friends. Well I'm just feel very lonely on Christmas Morning and only listening to the radio playing sad Christmas song.

Anyway, on my last post I did mention about a stalker that always follow me as soon as I came back from work. That S*@# really getting on my nerves as yesterday he go towards in front on me and shouting to everyone (the crowds) and told them I borrow 4k from him and never pay him back.
BULLSHIT DAMMIT!!! I'm a working student and I can feed mysefl better than he did. Well I call the Police a FEW TIMES and what did I get?? NOTHING AT ALL AND MY SAFETY RATE IS VERY LOW!!! Thanks to all the police, well now I know typical police in here are so suck in doing their jobs.

Whatever, please have a wonderful Christmas to all blogger.


P.s I'm planning wacthing horror movie this Christmas

December 23, 2011

Stalker on Christmas

Well it's really been 3 weeks now since my family know we were been stalk by this one crazy guy. I don't think my Christmas would be great for this year we had to go back and forth towards the police station and worse thing is ... the guy is still out there somewhere.

Actually he likes my mom and couldn't let go of her (makes me angry). Well my mom HATE him so much because he always kept on asking about money. I've call the police, make a report but what I get is only disappointment and pain. The police said we don't have enough evidence. That guy keep following us til home and shouting about nothing. Well what I hate most in my hometown because typical Malaysian police sometimes really slow about their work. My God, this is so complicated even I feel hard posting about it ....really hurt when your mom being treat like this. I hope this problem end soon because I really can't take it anymore.

So for all you out there, never forget your safety during the Holiday Season