December 23, 2011

Stalker on Christmas

Well it's really been 3 weeks now since my family know we were been stalk by this one crazy guy. I don't think my Christmas would be great for this year we had to go back and forth towards the police station and worse thing is ... the guy is still out there somewhere.

Actually he likes my mom and couldn't let go of her (makes me angry). Well my mom HATE him so much because he always kept on asking about money. I've call the police, make a report but what I get is only disappointment and pain. The police said we don't have enough evidence. That guy keep following us til home and shouting about nothing. Well what I hate most in my hometown because typical Malaysian police sometimes really slow about their work. My God, this is so complicated even I feel hard posting about it ....really hurt when your mom being treat like this. I hope this problem end soon because I really can't take it anymore.

So for all you out there, never forget your safety during the Holiday Season


  1. Hi Fatim, I am so sorry to hear about your tragedy. Maybe you should post to You Tube so the world will know how much frustration you have with this man and the lack of responsibility of the police.

    You did the right thing by posting here. There is power in numbers. He must know that you and your mom will not be silent and abused.

    Is your dad around? Can he help?

  2. Hi, thank you for reading my post (finally someone hear me...) Nowadays I feel really scared to get out from home when that guy is actually silently watching from afar. Plus when I get back home, he's already there...

    I really don't what to do and my father will said "Serve you right" instead of helping us. he really hates us all.


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