August 3, 2014

In Less than a month, Living in Japan for Good!!!

Hey all you bloggers!! After a few month of not blogging, my heart suddenly aching for another blog post!! Hence the title of this post...yup, I will be going for Japan another next 4 month and come on the next year. Its instructed by the company and the only reason they gave so that I will improve my Japanese language and to experience the business culture in Japan. Feel excited at first but knowing that I be away from my family, friends and crazy colleagues seems to saddens me a bit. Whenever they talk about the business trip or how lucky you are. Hmmm...well I guess I'm counting my blessing

 Here's what I know about Japan after my fifth visit to Japan

The Culture Experience The first Good thing about living in Japan is the same you might find in any other country in the world, and here i'm talking about the experience of living in a country with a culture which is totally different from your own. By this I mean just, in general, that living some time in a completely different culture will enrich your life a lot. It can be shocking and annoying at times, but also very interesting and stimulating. You will learn things about life that you cannot learn without leaving the comfort of your own culture, and see the world under a different light. Though Japan has now more open and becoming more westernized, but still it has developed very unique and interesting traditions... and yet... one of the most technologically advanced nation in the world. This is a unique combination. Where else can you see old temples right in the middle of modern business districts? Where else can you see old women wearing traditional Kimono while texting with their latest smartphone? Where else can you see students walking around with their long bow for traditional archery? Only in Japan.

Japanese Kindness
Japanese are correct, and polite but this doesn't necessarily means that all people in Japan are nice, there are annoying people too, of course, I don't want to pretend that all Japanese are polite and have good manners, but in general people are polite, helpful and correct.

Transportation That REALLY "transports" You
Good Public Transportation, which doesn't necessarily defeat the purpose of "travelling", but rather makes life easier in terms of stress. I would say that Japan's Transportation System is the best in the world. Plus, it obviates the need to own a car (...owh believe me) The best way to explain it is this: Cold trains in Summer, Hot in Winter, Clean stations and trains, nearly always on time, great customer service and fair price.

 Great Japanese Food And Food Hygiene In Japan Like Italy and France, Japan has too a great food culture. Apart from the things that everyone knows, like Sushi and Sashimi, Japan has much more to offer. Take Japanese "nabe", "tonkatsu", all kinds of "donburi", noodles, Japanese sweets, osake, umeshu (plum whine), miso soup, all kinds of fish dishes, etc. Food Hygiene is high. No questions about it. Well about the goodness of Japan. But I knew I'm going to approach good bye soon to my crazy friends a.k.a colleagues less than a month!!! Okay here's the thing, I treat my colleagues as if they were like my family. All I can say is it is rare that one finds a good friend in a colleague.Thanks for being that wonderful person who always was willing to extend your helping hand.