October 28, 2011

Its my Birthday yesterday

Hello all, just a quickie post for today as Yesterday was my 20th Birthday and I'm really happy that everyone from STB wished me Happy Birthday! I'm really touched and too happy ^_^....

So I just want to say thank you all and god bless you

October 20, 2011

Quicky post!

Just Want to Post that I might not going to the climbathon....What a Shame

Japanese Event...not really that great!

Hey all you bloggers, well it’s October and you know what that means in Sabah… An activity for the whole month!!! In STB they had this family day just around the corner and since they were really take very serious about the activity involved because there will be children into the event as well as the parent of my colleague. As for me, I had to work on the 30th October because everybody went for the family day.

Today, I went to the Penampang Village Homestay at Penampang, located very far from the K.K city! Well there are 3 of us which are me and another two STB and SPS, Tracelyn and Trexie. Well we supposed to be guest for the event but end up helping them by pasting the “Welcome to Penampang Village Homestay” alphabet stick to the wall. Well not that I don’t want to help them but imagine this: you are a guest in somebody’s home and you want to be welcome but instead you been instruct about what to do and everything was not ready when you actually reached there. Back to the topic, the event that I mention earlier was a Luncheon with 105 Japanese children from St Clement, Singapore plus their teacher
(all Japanese).

Okay it started like this, they said that the event will start at 1
0:30am but when the 3 of us actually get there, only a few communities
not more than 10 people) try to get everything done but since we already there, the operator (can’t tell her name) instruct us what to do!!! Really, as far as I concerned, if you make a huge event for the Japanese, you be prepare all the list of work and delegate task for the people who involved. My advice: Divide into four group, F&B, Decoration, technical, and efficient management. When the real lunch time was 10 minutes away, all the communities shows up and I think this kind of attitude
should be thrown into the garbage. Shame on you!!!

Then a Japanese guide (he’s Chinese actually but a Japanese-wannabe guy) trying to flirt with me by speaking in Japanese. Well I not that good in Japanese but I can understand very well. He told me I look like a Japanese doll (…really?) and grateful for that compliment but I’m not interested in love life. Well as I always remind myself that I’m always good in academic and such but zero when it comes to private life. So there no use taking chances, I’m happy by myself. I think this is pathetic. Okay back to the story, I admit, those cute little Japanese kodomo really makes me feel awe when I see them…^_^