September 27, 2011

Project Aware: Gaya Island

Hey all, yesterday I went to Gaya Island attending the Project Aware organize by the Down Below Company. This is my first time going to one of the most beautiful island in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park as in my college days the study trip to
Manukan Island was cancelled due to the Tsunami that had happen in eastern Japan in March. So this is one of those happy moments that I’ve waiting for and I’m really excited. I’ve been told that there’s a few of us from Sabah Tourism Board
will join this trip, few from RTM as well as Sabah Parks staff.

But before the fun part, in the morning I was really nervous as I kept thinking about how my trip was going to be; is it going to be rain later? Am I going to vomit when the boats keeps moving up and down in the middle of the big sea?
Well since this is my first – timer, I want this trip to be a perfect moment for me so I can keep a very sweet memory when I come back to the island. Lucky for me, yesterday was quite a sunny day! Since Ms Mary go to Sutera Mariner by car, she offer me to go with her and the other staff went there by company’s van. So off we all go to Sutera Mariner, right after we park the car we straight went to the Sutera Mariner Jetty’s where there you can see all the beautiful and expensive boats and ferries. Fortunately all of the STB staff including me got a sponsorship from the company and yes it’son the house for all of us. It takes us about 15 minutes to wait for all the staff of RTM as they arrived 15 minutes
late from our schedule. Urgghh…In case you don’t know, I hate to waiting for the people especially one who don’t realize they are 15 minutes late!!! Right after they arrived, 5 minutes briefing about our destination by Ms. Evelyn plus the do
and don’t when we get there. Then we straight heading towards our boats and carefully ride the boat. The view of Sutera Mariner was really beautiful and right after another 5 minutes then off we go to our destination. It’s only takes about
10 to the Gaya Island.

When we arrived the island, the Director Mr. Richard greets us with very warm smile, and Mr. James (I’m not sure who he is, probably the assistant…) one who brief us all about the Project Aware and the objective for
the event. Hoping that everybody will get a lesson, to know that this is not just for cleaning the environment but change individuals to be responsible in everything we used and do. We are divided into 2 categories which is the first
categories: everybody who wants to pick up the rubbish in the sea were required to see Mr. James as the equipment for diving and snorkeling are very limited up until 20 packs. I don’t think I had the chance to do the diving so I’ve decided
to pick up the rubbish along the shoreline with my friend Ms. Mary. When we look others are still busy with their equipment, we decided to go first started at the shore near the public toilet. We started to collect every single rubbish
even the tiniest one and arrived at an old bridge. Below the bridge there so many of it and Ms. Mary had to take 5 minutes break (Ms. Mary is older than me and our age gap more than 20 years, so it’s very usual when someone older than
you gets tired easily) while I just continue with the work. But unfortunately I stepped on a piece broken glasses and my foot were bleeding. Feeling the pain but I don’t want Ms. Mary to worried so I just keep it quiet.

Not before long we notice that the water are so cold that it bring freshness to your skin. Then I suddenly remember that one of the staff here says that there a beautiful waterfall located not very far from the ocean but there’s no
proper route to go there. The cold water flow from the waterfall to the sea and amazingly the taste of the water are not salty. God almighty. Then a staff calling for both of us and asking what are we doing there. I realize that there
only the 2 of us here at the shore. We told him aren’t we supposed to collect the rubbish here? Then he said where we are now was actually not the exact location, but thanked us anyway for collecting the rubbish (FYI both of us has already
collect 2 big bags of rubbish). I feel like a fool but never mind anyway as it’s our fault for just goes and not hear the next instruction. He then show us the ways to the real spot of collecting the rubbish. The distance to the ‘real spot’
takes us about 15 minutes’ walk up on the hill and down to the sea. While walking, we can hear the sea breeze blowing and the sound of wave waving and crush the shore. It’s really relaxing from hustle and bustle of the K.K city and away
from everyday morning rush hour.

After 15 minutes of walking, the staff takes us to the rocky cliff where below it we can see our friends already doing their jobs cleaning the shore from rubbish. Funny thing is, when the staff told we can climb down from the cliff I was
really scared. I know below us just the sea and not very deep for someone who tall but still my weakness take over my courage as I’m short in person plus don’t know how to swim!! Lucky Ms. Mary encourage me just do it without thinking of
anything silly (what a way of encouraging people like me) and I did it. Only a few scratch near my ankle though….ngeh. As long think it as an adventure that’s enough for me. Then we together with others were collecting rubbish until we have
a few full bags of rubbish. All the fun and laughter we all had will be reminiscing forever until I die. At first our goal was to collect rubbish until the next island which is Manukan Island but the times are not our friend at the time
and we had to follow the schedule given.

Next to my favorite part which is LUNCH TIME!!! I was so hungry and my tummy begins to rumbling and ‘choiring’. Well we can’t expect the food to be luxury but it was good enough though. It was half past 1 actually. After lunch we had
this talk about the certificate for all the staff and tourist (there’s only 1 Japanese tourist, cute young boy about my age) that went for this event and we had so much fun. The certificate was from the director of Down Below Company
himself, Mr. Richard who handed the entire certificate for us. Then not before long photography session begin and we all make the silly Mexican wand by hand. Then One of the staff gets interviewed by RTM and so does Mr. James who happens to
know Malay language a bit. It really surprised me at first but since I’m in tourism industry, even the weirdest thing in this little planet earth I can found. It just matter of time. I still remember what Mr. James said yesterday in Malay
language but with Sabahan accent in it ‘sya mo pengsan sudah nie’ which I think really funny.

At 3:10pm, we went back to Sutera Mariner Jetty’s, and I realize everybody was really quiet compare to this morning. Tired? I wonder and don’t understand actually but I figure it out that everyone has change and trying to become more
responsible. Another new perspective has open their mind in creating awareness globally towards the environment. And as for me, this trip has a very deep meaning toward global issue as today the world have been filled mostly by irresponsible
people. Well the Project Aware was great but when you ask me while I’m collecting the rubbish, the answer might be
different hahaha (Jokes........)

September 22, 2011

My place of Internship journey

Hey all you bloggers!! Well hence the title, my place of Internship Sabah Tourism Board, known for provided information to the entire tourist who lost their way (I think…) which is located at Gaya Street. The Sabah Tourism Board, or generally known as Sabah Tourism, is an agency of the Sabah State Government operating under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

Sabah Tourism's primary responsibility is the marketing and promotion of tourism for the State. It also functions as a catalyst for the tourism industry by recommending to the Government the best possible means to facilitate the development of the industry and take part actively in initiating and coordinating activities conducted by the industry's participant.

Since it was established in August 1976, Sabah Tourism's responsibilities have continually expanded and defined to cater to the current needs of the global tourism market. Actually it’s been more than 2 weeks I had my training in STB (the usual calling…) and I really like it here: the management, new friends, and new environment. Well I’m not saying that my college friends are not good, they are really great but sometimes when they secretly stab you in the back… I really think being alone is my best option on those college days (You can consider me as a geek or whatever and I don’t care).

Okay back to the story, on the first month I will be assign to be at TA’s or more at the reception. Well I’m not very good talker but trying my best to assist the guest or tourists can be considered okay. My new friends here are much older than me but I don’t mind and one of them is Ms Mary T, Ms Carmalita, and Mr. Robin. These people involved in tourism field more than 10 years and had a lot of knowledge’s about Sabah! Honestly I respect them as their very good handling their work even though in hard situation plus their never complain about it Involving in an environment full with people who older than you might change the way your thinking making you a lot more mature even when you are 19 years old!! Sometimes their jokes more on being sarcastic but in friendlier way in which no one take it seriously actually. Everybody willing to help and teach me all about the knowledge that I should know for me be good inside the management. I’ve always heard from people that experience is a wonderful thing; it enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again which is so true.

Last week on Saturday, we had this trip (family trip actually for the staff but I was invited) to Misompuru Home stay where we had to experience life without electrical appliances or gadgets just like the native Rungus people. Of course we experiences also the home of the Rungus people, some of whom are still dwelling in traditional longhouses, one-village, one-industry kampongs specializing in gong-making, bead-making, and honey bee-rearing. Our activity include kayaking, search and crab catching (we didn’t get the chance as the crab catching season are not on this month); riding boats to the mangrove area, picnicking near the beach, and relax to ease your mind. There’s also festival held near the area called The Ocean Rhythm Festival, where hence the name of the festival the event was held near the beach and the Rungus Long House located just 3 minutes from the festival.

There so many people came over for the event; there’s singing competition and a lots of booth selling snack, fast food (homemade burgers), souvenirs such as the very unique clam shell but most of us just collect clam shell near the shore rather waste our money.

About the rock formation which named Terongkongan Beach, actually there’s a legend behind it where a princess always go there for bathing. Then suddenly, fishermen accidentally saw the princess and fell in love with her. He then wants to marry the princess but she has one condition before he marries her. He had to jump a high stone situated in where we are. You can read more about the rock/cave in here. At night, we had a very huge party near the beach and everyone was really happy but not on midnight. This is because in midnight where everyone was asleep, suddenly the generator was down (every night actually) and the temperature was really hot during the night. Okay the generator only ‘on’ from 1900pm till 2300pm. And the party ended not long before 2300pm. And the party ended not long before 2300pm. Lucky for me that me and my friend for we had this veil or ‘kelambu’ to keep away from mosquitoes or any night insect that may crawl into our room.

Morning arrive, we had our breakfast and had a very short stroll at the beach for the last time. I felt really sad that we had to leave before 10am and I remember the wave was calm on that morning, very peaceful actually...

September 18, 2011

Back to Kudat: Misompuru Homestay

Hey all you bloggers !! I just got back from an exotic stay in Kudat, The Misompuru Homestay where it famous from the Rungus culture, white sandy beaches, the gongs, beautiful beads and etc,etc. Yesterday we started our journey from Sabah Tourism Board ( my internship location) with a few member/long old staff and of course me . The long 3 hour journey was really tiring and along with annoying kiddies plus crying babies ( just kidding, just a bunch of children and the parent work in STB ). Once again I've given the chance to travel out of Kota Kinabalu towards Kudat. One of the staff, Ms Mary told me that there's a few place of attraction which is watch sunset, cloth making, cultural dance, beach visits, trekking - mangrove forest. But what interest me about the trip was all about the Ocean Rhythm Festival held on 17th and 18th September 2011. But before that, we went to the Gombizau Honey Bee Farm which is one of the most commercialized and organized Honey Bee Farm in Kudat region. The Gombizau Honey Bee Farm is located in Kampung Gombizau in Matunggong, a sub-district situated 43 kilometers south of Kudat city, where one of the economical activities for the village community is honey bee farming. There are over a hundred bee cages in the bee farm. The Honey Bee Farm was started and established over ten years ago, and the bee farm produces honey both for the local consumptions as well as to be sold in bottles for those who are akin to the sweet taste of raw honey. After spending our only half an hour in Gombizau, we deperted to our next destination, the Sumangkap Gong Making facto. For your information, Gongs are very important musical instruments for the Rungus and many other communities in Kudat Malaysia. Gongs are valued not only just as musical instruments but also as items of wealth. It takes days of pounding the metal sheets to produce a gong. In Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory a demonstrations of making gongs in various stages by skilled craftsmen is an experience not to be missed. Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory is located less than one hour away from Kampung Gombizau Honey Bee Farm, is famous for its gong making cottage industry. The gong is one of the most important Rungus musical instrument and often being played during festivities and grand occasions such as weddings. The gongs that are sold in Kampung Sumangkap vary in sizes—visitors can expect to find tiny souvenirs ones with different shapes and unique designs (price ranging from RM25 to RM37) as well as large ones that can reach up to 2 meters wide in diameter. For large groups of visitors, the villagers of Kampung Sumangkap will often hold cultural performances in the Kampung Sumangkap Community Hall where the kulintangan (a set of different sized gongs producing different sounds) is to be played. Okay, this story will have to be continued as I'm really, REALLY EXHAUSTED. Ciao!!

September 13, 2011

Creating awareness on Duchenne muscular dystrophy !

(via Daily Express)

Hey Bloggers, I just an article about 'Creating Awareness On Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy' which really makes me feel touch about the story behind this amazing event. The Coalition Duchenne Expedition team of 35 international climbers from eight countries, led by Catherine climbed Mt. Kinabalu to raise global awareness on Duchenne and to raise funds dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne recently.

The goal is to raise money to do research to find a cure and treatment for this disease.I feel really sorry for Dusty Brandom as he can't join all the climbers to climb the Great Mount Kinabalu. What's really get my attention about this story is because The mother and Founder of Coalition Duchenne is a Sabahan women Ms Cath Jayasuriya . Really proud of her actually... she's a new role model for me, Positive attitude and strong.

So I hope that for all bloggers out there, if you want to know or donate more to the Coalition Duchenne, Just click here

Creating awareness on Duchenne muscular dystrophy!!!

September 10, 2011

Event Throughout the month

Hey all you bloggers! Finally I have my own laptop/notebook…it’s really strange to have things that are really new to
be considered as my stuff. Well it’s been awhile I haven’t checked my blog site and I miss BlogSpot already…All I want to
say right now is Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah to make this happen as me and sister Sarara had wanted laptop so bad
that everyday ….well you can see as everybody has already went home, both of us has to stay late until 5 o’clock or more.

August 29, 2011
It’s been really a tiring day for me as we (my grandmother, and two of my brother) had to do some chores for this coming
eid’s and still I don’t have any internet connection ( that’s because in Malaysia to gain internet we had to register our
name and money comes out from your pocket for sure). So my friend Villia Xu, a student from china just called me and ask
whether I’m free this coming 1st September…well she’s nice but life of a social teenagers doesn’t interest me at all.
But I decided to take a chance but with careful planning because this people. Anyway, my family just started to decorate
the house and it was just me, my brother, and my grandmother. Tiring but fun, I had the time to spend with my family of

August 30, 2011
Today’s the day which is the Eid’s day for all the Islamic in the world

September 1st, 2011
Today I have a date with my new friend Villia Xu who came all her way here from China. Well actually we met last year
as she was considered my junior at the time. As far as I remember she was with Tommy Wong and they were doing their
assignment in computer lab (well of course I was in computer lab chatting my friend Ms Rozie) in which makes me wonder
that they are still new in here. So I decided to help them and introduced myself as intake of 05/09. And guest what…we’ve
been a really good friend ever since. Well I had to admit that my Chinese are not getting better and I look stupid
(now I know the feeling of somebody who doesn’t know how to speak other language). But that wasn’t going to stop us
from hang out, plus our friendship getting warmer. Of course there some words or Chinese phrase that I don’t know or
understand but she will keep teach me until I know was the true meaning of each phrase and how to use it.
Anyway, first we went to some travel lodge for she said her friend from KL will come here at 17th until 24th of September.
Well of course the cheapest one is in behind our ATI College. Whoa, this is the first time I’ve such a survey including
each room, well I considered this as my practical training. The first one …. I don’t think so, it so dark to tell you the
truth. Not to mention the odor was terrible and I think it’s really freaky. But the second lodges were homier, relaxing
atmosphere, and the facilities were also quite nice. After went for trouble for all of this, we went to Suria Sabah and
go for sightseeing (not really…), having lunch together…emm yeah…just like ordinary teenager’s would do when they hang out
with their buddies. Although some the word she saying I’m not quite understands but that’s not even can be considered as
reason you don’t want to be friends with them. Well honestly I myself don’t have any true friends though, because my own
experience with human being called themselves a ‘TRUE FRIEND’ not really as good they look. Perhaps some of them might
even stab your back you won’t even notice it.