September 22, 2011

My place of Internship journey

Hey all you bloggers!! Well hence the title, my place of Internship Sabah Tourism Board, known for provided information to the entire tourist who lost their way (I think…) which is located at Gaya Street. The Sabah Tourism Board, or generally known as Sabah Tourism, is an agency of the Sabah State Government operating under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

Sabah Tourism's primary responsibility is the marketing and promotion of tourism for the State. It also functions as a catalyst for the tourism industry by recommending to the Government the best possible means to facilitate the development of the industry and take part actively in initiating and coordinating activities conducted by the industry's participant.

Since it was established in August 1976, Sabah Tourism's responsibilities have continually expanded and defined to cater to the current needs of the global tourism market. Actually it’s been more than 2 weeks I had my training in STB (the usual calling…) and I really like it here: the management, new friends, and new environment. Well I’m not saying that my college friends are not good, they are really great but sometimes when they secretly stab you in the back… I really think being alone is my best option on those college days (You can consider me as a geek or whatever and I don’t care).

Okay back to the story, on the first month I will be assign to be at TA’s or more at the reception. Well I’m not very good talker but trying my best to assist the guest or tourists can be considered okay. My new friends here are much older than me but I don’t mind and one of them is Ms Mary T, Ms Carmalita, and Mr. Robin. These people involved in tourism field more than 10 years and had a lot of knowledge’s about Sabah! Honestly I respect them as their very good handling their work even though in hard situation plus their never complain about it Involving in an environment full with people who older than you might change the way your thinking making you a lot more mature even when you are 19 years old!! Sometimes their jokes more on being sarcastic but in friendlier way in which no one take it seriously actually. Everybody willing to help and teach me all about the knowledge that I should know for me be good inside the management. I’ve always heard from people that experience is a wonderful thing; it enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again which is so true.

Last week on Saturday, we had this trip (family trip actually for the staff but I was invited) to Misompuru Home stay where we had to experience life without electrical appliances or gadgets just like the native Rungus people. Of course we experiences also the home of the Rungus people, some of whom are still dwelling in traditional longhouses, one-village, one-industry kampongs specializing in gong-making, bead-making, and honey bee-rearing. Our activity include kayaking, search and crab catching (we didn’t get the chance as the crab catching season are not on this month); riding boats to the mangrove area, picnicking near the beach, and relax to ease your mind. There’s also festival held near the area called The Ocean Rhythm Festival, where hence the name of the festival the event was held near the beach and the Rungus Long House located just 3 minutes from the festival.

There so many people came over for the event; there’s singing competition and a lots of booth selling snack, fast food (homemade burgers), souvenirs such as the very unique clam shell but most of us just collect clam shell near the shore rather waste our money.

About the rock formation which named Terongkongan Beach, actually there’s a legend behind it where a princess always go there for bathing. Then suddenly, fishermen accidentally saw the princess and fell in love with her. He then wants to marry the princess but she has one condition before he marries her. He had to jump a high stone situated in where we are. You can read more about the rock/cave in here. At night, we had a very huge party near the beach and everyone was really happy but not on midnight. This is because in midnight where everyone was asleep, suddenly the generator was down (every night actually) and the temperature was really hot during the night. Okay the generator only ‘on’ from 1900pm till 2300pm. And the party ended not long before 2300pm. And the party ended not long before 2300pm. Lucky for me that me and my friend for we had this veil or ‘kelambu’ to keep away from mosquitoes or any night insect that may crawl into our room.

Morning arrive, we had our breakfast and had a very short stroll at the beach for the last time. I felt really sad that we had to leave before 10am and I remember the wave was calm on that morning, very peaceful actually...

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