September 13, 2011

Creating awareness on Duchenne muscular dystrophy !

(via Daily Express)

Hey Bloggers, I just an article about 'Creating Awareness On Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy' which really makes me feel touch about the story behind this amazing event. The Coalition Duchenne Expedition team of 35 international climbers from eight countries, led by Catherine climbed Mt. Kinabalu to raise global awareness on Duchenne and to raise funds dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne recently.

The goal is to raise money to do research to find a cure and treatment for this disease.I feel really sorry for Dusty Brandom as he can't join all the climbers to climb the Great Mount Kinabalu. What's really get my attention about this story is because The mother and Founder of Coalition Duchenne is a Sabahan women Ms Cath Jayasuriya . Really proud of her actually... she's a new role model for me, Positive attitude and strong.

So I hope that for all bloggers out there, if you want to know or donate more to the Coalition Duchenne, Just click here

Creating awareness on Duchenne muscular dystrophy!!!

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