September 10, 2011

Event Throughout the month

Hey all you bloggers! Finally I have my own laptop/notebook…it’s really strange to have things that are really new to
be considered as my stuff. Well it’s been awhile I haven’t checked my blog site and I miss BlogSpot already…All I want to
say right now is Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah to make this happen as me and sister Sarara had wanted laptop so bad
that everyday ….well you can see as everybody has already went home, both of us has to stay late until 5 o’clock or more.

August 29, 2011
It’s been really a tiring day for me as we (my grandmother, and two of my brother) had to do some chores for this coming
eid’s and still I don’t have any internet connection ( that’s because in Malaysia to gain internet we had to register our
name and money comes out from your pocket for sure). So my friend Villia Xu, a student from china just called me and ask
whether I’m free this coming 1st September…well she’s nice but life of a social teenagers doesn’t interest me at all.
But I decided to take a chance but with careful planning because this people. Anyway, my family just started to decorate
the house and it was just me, my brother, and my grandmother. Tiring but fun, I had the time to spend with my family of

August 30, 2011
Today’s the day which is the Eid’s day for all the Islamic in the world

September 1st, 2011
Today I have a date with my new friend Villia Xu who came all her way here from China. Well actually we met last year
as she was considered my junior at the time. As far as I remember she was with Tommy Wong and they were doing their
assignment in computer lab (well of course I was in computer lab chatting my friend Ms Rozie) in which makes me wonder
that they are still new in here. So I decided to help them and introduced myself as intake of 05/09. And guest what…we’ve
been a really good friend ever since. Well I had to admit that my Chinese are not getting better and I look stupid
(now I know the feeling of somebody who doesn’t know how to speak other language). But that wasn’t going to stop us
from hang out, plus our friendship getting warmer. Of course there some words or Chinese phrase that I don’t know or
understand but she will keep teach me until I know was the true meaning of each phrase and how to use it.
Anyway, first we went to some travel lodge for she said her friend from KL will come here at 17th until 24th of September.
Well of course the cheapest one is in behind our ATI College. Whoa, this is the first time I’ve such a survey including
each room, well I considered this as my practical training. The first one …. I don’t think so, it so dark to tell you the
truth. Not to mention the odor was terrible and I think it’s really freaky. But the second lodges were homier, relaxing
atmosphere, and the facilities were also quite nice. After went for trouble for all of this, we went to Suria Sabah and
go for sightseeing (not really…), having lunch together…emm yeah…just like ordinary teenager’s would do when they hang out
with their buddies. Although some the word she saying I’m not quite understands but that’s not even can be considered as
reason you don’t want to be friends with them. Well honestly I myself don’t have any true friends though, because my own
experience with human being called themselves a ‘TRUE FRIEND’ not really as good they look. Perhaps some of them might
even stab your back you won’t even notice it.

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