March 23, 2011

Singing Time

Hello everyone, how lucky or unlucky for you to end up in my blog..
Well as you all know that we're having a trip this Friday, we managed to pull up a few song which and mashed it up with our own taste and style...

Quite fascinating actually, at first they want to mashed up a song by Rihana(I don't know whats the title, not a fan of her) and 'Stand by me' by ~~King? so not cool at all but then at the last try out we managed to mashed up 'Stand by Me" and 'Oh Carol' and it was really great! I love it!
Everybody was quite satisfy with it. And of course there's some I called stupid people don't even wanted to work together as a team but just become a bullshit complainers! DAMN IT!

I just can't wait for this Friday to come...This trip means a lot to me as this is might be the last trip I will be joining with all the intake of DTM05/09( Although some of them I really hate the most). Well we can't please everybody, right?

Anyway, back to topics, what I hate the most is some people who conduct the chereography for the Trip, was really not so cute at all as the dance was like stupid at some part. Well I try give them some idea but they won't let me and just proceed with the dance. ...Ngeh, crying babies!

Well I'm still thinking about my coming Statistic Mid-term tomorrow and lucky for me I've start my revision since 2 weeks ago. So it was not that hard actually....Good luck for me, HA~~

March 21, 2011

Happy Friday, sad Friday

Hello bloggers, good starter for today as my college is having a huge event of the year ( not prom night okay, thats sucks). Well the event is open to public and I supposed there will be many people and children around. Well it's my college OPEN DAY this coming Sunday and all student are encourage to come or participate for the event. I might not be going for the event as my group has to do some assesment of interviewing some of the public but hey since Gaya Street located in front of our college, I might pay some visit to the great big event. After all, Sunday Market is open on Sunday which same time with our event too!

March 14, 2011

Malaysian paper apologizes for comic tsunami image; Singapore TV apologizes for sales pitch › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Malaysian paper apologizes for comic tsunami image; Singapore TV apologizes for sales pitch › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

how shameful!

Mid-term, busier day by day

Hello people, great day to you, you and you. Hence the title of this post I'm getting more busier time for myself, my family and of course my blog. I ust had my mid-term few hours ago and it was quite intense. Lucky for me that I did some revision yesterday, so to me everything went well for the paper. But after 1.45pm later, surely I'll be dead because we been told that our paper in Nature Tourism was quite hard that before....Ngeh!

Oh well, I'm sure all of you have heard about the Tsunami in Japan recently...God , please bless Japan. Well the Tsunami was like getting really worst, and our trip to Sapi Island was cancelled due to that matter. Hm...

Thats all for today from me everyone, I might become an inactive bloggers for some temporarily period but I promise I'll keep on posting for more....ciao!

March 7, 2011

49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


False Justification

I personally consider myself an Existentialist, strongly believing that Existence precedes Essence. A man can easily differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. This differentiation is done by using one’s brain, and by seeing, observing and adapting to the norms of the society one lives in. Therefore, it is safe to assume that a man exists first, realizes who he is, knows and adapts to the world, and then makes a place for himself in it – that would be his essence. Whatever decisions or actions one takes, he is solely responsible for it. Therefore, if one decides to commit something wrong, it goes to show where his morals & values lies, and that he is responsible for it.

People know what is wrong and what is right, and I personally think everyone strives to be the best person out there…in their own way. This ‘own way’ is what creates the problems. I have witnessed so far in my short life, that people are highly capable to falsely justify their actions to be morally and ethically correct, even though they are just plainly wrong. By doing these justifications, they somehow make themselves believe that what they did is completely right, put the blame of their wrong actions on others, and once they start believing that, all they have to do is make others believe in that ‘truth' too. There can be two reasons for this, the first one being that everyone is extremely smart to do this type of feat quite effectively, or the second one being that one does not have a strong conscience. I believe that the latter is true unfortunately.

It seems like that everyone has this outwardly face that they have created and reserved for the entire world to see, however, everyone has a dark side hiding inside them waiting to be unleashed at the most inopportune times when the person becomes weak enough to carry on the façade he has created, any longer. Sometimes this dark side can take a person to unmatched heights of gaining power, but for many of them it is the cause of their doom in life.

Yeah ok, perhaps this inspires you for a total of 1.4675 seconds.
But still, I’ve come to realise that many situations in life can be dealt with differently just by changing your perspective a little. Sure, it’s not easy and it’s probably harder to do – but if makes things
better in the long run, then why not?

March 3, 2011

Writing always fun to me

Writing is used for so many different reasons in life. A person can write to express themselves in creative ways.
Or to vent their everyday frustrations and anger within negative situations. And writing is a tool that therapists
often use, as a therapeutic means for healing, with their patients. Also, writing can be used to protest wrongs
within society. Or to cheer up a friend or make someone smile.

There are plenty of ways of writing too. There’s the traditional way, of pen to paper, of scribbling in a notebook
or journal. Also “snail-mail”, handwritten letters sent back and forth between friends, relatives, or lovers.
In the electronic age, there are emails and cellphone texting. There are forums and social networking sites,
where people are writing up a storm to each other in posts. And of course there is blogging, one person expressing
there likes and dislikes (or whatever), much like this site. ;-)

There are also books being published and magazine articles being written, in the professional world of writing,

No matter how or on what form of media a person choose to write, there are billions of people writing everyday.
And the reasons for why people choose to write are many. Sometimes the reasons are common, but sometimes not.

My reasons for writing is simple… I have been writing,
since the age of nine, when my fourth grade teacher first showed me how to put my words onto paper.
I’ve told this story a million times, whenever a person asks, “Why do you write so much?” All I can answer is,
I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, I loved it and never stopped loving it, so I continue to do it. It’s a
part of me. I have no grand aspirations for it, other than to enjoy grabbing my thoughts and imagination from my
head, and splattering them into black and white. It makes me happy and it’s a nice hobby of mine. ;-)

I never wanted to grow up and be a writer, to be honest. Writing has always been something that I enjoy doing,
but I had no desire to make into a profession. I wanted (and still wish it) to be an FBI Agent, working in the
division of bringing lost and missing children back home to their families. That was the professional career
that I’ve always wanted, to work in law enforcement to protect children. But my life didn’t quite work out in
that way…

Still, my writing is my solace and my way to express myself. I am “opinionated” and a lot of times people don’t
listen to me in person, talking right over me, ignore what I have to say. I write so that my thoughts and ideas
are not lost to me. I sometimes come back to this blog, to read over what I had written any given day, to hear
myself within the roaring sea of my life. I don’t write for an audience, to gain fame or popularity, or to please
the masses. I write for me and maybe to make my friends and family laugh. I can be a ham, if I know they’re reading!
Hi, mom! ;-)

I have added this blog to a FaceBook page, not to gain more readers. In fact,
I almost backed out of making that page and if I get a bit overwhelmed by traffic,
I can tear it down whenever I wish to. I had realized that even though I write this blog for me, me, and me,
many others have been visiting for a while now. These are strangers from all over the world and all over the US,
as my blog stats reports have it. They are respectful and silent, reading and returning to read, not leaving
a comment or making a big deal out of my random posts. Which I appreciate! Loud noises and sudden movements
tend to startle this squirrel. :-o

But, I realized that I couldn’t keep this site hidden for long.
And the more I try to, the more popular it may become, like a underground cult following of some sort.
So, I might as well put it out there a little and make it a little less special! :-p

HOWEVER, I’m still writing this blog for me only. I’m not going to hire proof-readers, change up my usual
randomness, or writing patterns to suit an audience. My posts will continue to have some bad grammar slips
and stay on my usual rantings, thoughts, and ideas as always. But, the frequency will have to change a bit.
Last season, I had a habit of posting here Monday-Friday. And I thought about going back to doing that,
come spring, but no. Even when my muse (my best friend) comes back, I simply won’t have the time to spend
writing in my blog as much, because I’m trying to get my life into shape. I’m not getting any younger and I
can’t be a slacker forever. So, for some weeks, I may go on a writing binge of Monday-Friday posts. And for
some weeks, there may be only one or two posts. Or no posts for a few weeks. It depends on my mood or what
exactly I feel compelled to share, at any given moment. So, this blog itself will be randomly written. ;-)

But back to my first point, writing can be a lot healing and self-satisfying. And there is only a few wrong
ways of using this tool. It’s important to remember that line from the movie “The Social Network”… That when
you write on the internet, what you write is in pen, not pencil. You can’t erase what you’ve expressed and it’s
stuck out there for good. So, I try to make sure that what I write is something that I don’t mean or something
that I’ll regret later. The opinions expressed here are my true ones and not subject to change.

And if I do change my mind on something, I’ll be sure to post that. But… don’t hold your breath. ;-)

March 2, 2011

Random Musing

Hello readers! Hope that you day was good enough. Bad day for today as the system down for a couples of week! Damn it!
Well what to do, just write my post temporarily in the notepad. Well on this coming Thursday our class actually might having a
minor test for Japanese 3! Kinda awsome to me but not for the rest as they kept on saying that Japanese is getting
harder and more harder(silly, of course it would be hard for you guys since some of you didn't even study).

Today we discuss about our coming mid-term for HIC( Hospitality of Innovation and Change) especially for chap.3. For me
I understand every detail about it ( had a few revision yesterday) but some of my friends don't understand the term and
theory used for the chap. ( they don't even understand what I had taught them, poor them). So we had a lillte disccusion
with our lecturer Ms Nelly George and she helped us all. Life saver of course! Well, we also did a few discussion about our
coming trip this coming March and not really quite satisfied with it. Actually I am not satisfied with the activity at night of
course! Playing Assassin-wannabe with college student I think is really childish and sorry, not even suitable for people like me!

Since I'm been really busy with assesment, co-curriculum, and etc, I might not even every active with blogs anymore
but I'll keep trying to post something every week! I hope I can do that...Hmmm
Anyway talk about post, I been thinking to something in Japanese, since I can improvise my Japanese skill, I don't think there's
something wrong with that. Everyone around the world had a new post for every single day and I hope had one that is unusual
for to see Japanese post when I refer back all my thoughts in blog.^_^