March 2, 2011

Random Musing

Hello readers! Hope that you day was good enough. Bad day for today as the system down for a couples of week! Damn it!
Well what to do, just write my post temporarily in the notepad. Well on this coming Thursday our class actually might having a
minor test for Japanese 3! Kinda awsome to me but not for the rest as they kept on saying that Japanese is getting
harder and more harder(silly, of course it would be hard for you guys since some of you didn't even study).

Today we discuss about our coming mid-term for HIC( Hospitality of Innovation and Change) especially for chap.3. For me
I understand every detail about it ( had a few revision yesterday) but some of my friends don't understand the term and
theory used for the chap. ( they don't even understand what I had taught them, poor them). So we had a lillte disccusion
with our lecturer Ms Nelly George and she helped us all. Life saver of course! Well, we also did a few discussion about our
coming trip this coming March and not really quite satisfied with it. Actually I am not satisfied with the activity at night of
course! Playing Assassin-wannabe with college student I think is really childish and sorry, not even suitable for people like me!

Since I'm been really busy with assesment, co-curriculum, and etc, I might not even every active with blogs anymore
but I'll keep trying to post something every week! I hope I can do that...Hmmm
Anyway talk about post, I been thinking to something in Japanese, since I can improvise my Japanese skill, I don't think there's
something wrong with that. Everyone around the world had a new post for every single day and I hope had one that is unusual
for to see Japanese post when I refer back all my thoughts in blog.^_^

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