February 25, 2011


It seems that nobody reads this anymore and my theory is that it might be because I’ve been posting in the evening instead of the morning/afternoon.
This is another sign that I’m slacking and starting to lose motivation. All very bad and I’m trying desperately to come up with something to counteract them.

For starters, I went to a writers group today for the first time. It reminded me of the creative writing class that I took in grade 10 which remains to this day, my favourite
class and the teacher is my favourite teacher ever. Moving back onto topic, we did a couple of writing exercises that really put me in the mood to write.

The first one was to write about a place that you really enjoy and immediately, this sprang to my mind.

There are two places that I go each week. The first is college and the second is home. At home, I am hounded by my mother and my siblings.

“Fatim, do your laundry!”

“Fatim, clean out the dishwasher!”
Felt like I'm bullied by others, even my family

It doesn’t vary too much other than when I’m at home alone. Then it’s me nagging myself, which is why I look forward to work...==;

Hate my life

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