April 14, 2012

Workday and Event

Yes, hence the title I'm working for weekends and it's been really tiring and frustrating weeks as I don't have any day off for two weeks!
Oh well...

It's a same routine every weeks where everytime I go work, early in the morning I started out at 0800am ( supposed to be at 0900am) and arranging all the brochure about accomodation, tour package, and more. And in case you don't know, the place where I work doesn't provided tour package or arrange booking because we only provide information ON WHERE tourist should do the booking and place of interest in Sabah. Then on 1600pm, work are done and went home early. If I were hungry, I usually eat hot noodle before going back home, so I don't have to prepare dinner.

It was sunny day this morning, love the spring-like breeze....until it shower just now and the only thing that I know is only few tourist coming and more spare time for blogging...nah

Anyway, planning to buy some kashi pant for my upcomming event - The Regatta Lepa. This is the first time I will be going out from west of Sabah and will be going to the east of Sabah (The Regatta Lepa event will organized at Semporna). For more info about the The Regatta Lepa, you can click here.

April 12, 2012

Marine Awareness - SAVE THE GIANT

Went to the Awareness,


Check out this website for more info

Sabah Tourism Board

I haven't post anything lately but just by looking at the title of the day makes me want to tell all you blogger out there about my trip to Gaya Island, One of five island from Tunku Abdul Rahman Park here in Sabah. But today I'll just give the hint on todays post.