March 4, 2012

My Last Report!

Hey all you bloggers! Well I finally have reach my last week of Practical month, and yes thats mean I had to send my report to my lecturer, Ms C (not a real name). Last week, I discuss with her about the assignment and she said it's okay if student want to send their report two weeks after the last date of Practical month. Thank God!

Well...the bad news is I haven't finish my report yet (only 70% )and I still have two weeks to finish it. Yes I know but since I'm in the Tourism Industry, I'm getting more busier and don't even have much time to spend quality time with my family. As the result, on the day I discuss my last assignment with Ms. C, right after I left her room and walk straight to the staircase next to the door, I fell down and hurt my arm and my left leg . And more embarassing, there were too many student of ATIC and none of them have the guts to help me (...probably they don't know me? )and a security and an ATIC lecturer in culinary Art saw me and do nothing. God, this really EMBARASSING! Then I got up and calmly and say...."Thats okay, I'm alright, it was just a 'CUTE MISTAKE'."
Come to think of it, back then I must have been really crazy by saying that...hehehehe

I came back to STB and some of my colleague asked about my horrible condition, and when I told them...laughs is all I heard around me. God!
Oh well, That's life treating my on that day.