May 5, 2012

Site Inspection to Semporna: Regatta Lepa Part I

Hey all you bloggers, it's the starting of May and I bet everyone has a story to post.

But first, I just came back from Site Inspection from Regatta Lepa and fews island in semporna, and what I get are MOST GREAT EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE ( ....and culture - shock too). Yes, you just might wondering what we're doing during the Site Inspection,...well there's 10 of us and mostly are the newcomer to Islands in Semporna. The temperature are not far from different from Kota Kinabalu, just slightly hotter
All Pictures are Via my Friend, Mr Ronnie Rayner

We have reached the Main Gateway to Semporna.
Welcome to Semporna!!!

This is the place where we staying for two days of Regatta Lepa Event.
This place are called the Dragon Inn, (Well....since on day time it's too crowded with people, in my opinion you won't feel safe until you reach the entrance to Dragon Inn...hahaha)

Inside Dragon Inn

This Fish is a real fish (I forgot what was it called....)hang as deco for attraction inside Dragon Inn.

Internet here are quite expensive though

After we check-in to our room, then off we for sightseeing to downtown area of Semporna

Visits to WWF Booth, they sold traditional souvenirs for the locals and tourist, nice traditional bracelet actually.

One with red cap is my interesting friend Alisia A. We're standing just next to the sculpture of Regatta Lepa.

Next we went to the you can see, theres a lot things you can buy, foods and drinks...and off course LOTS, A LOTS OF LOCAL HANDICRAFT AND SOUVENIRS!!

Everybody was very hungry so we went to Mabul Cafe which are located upstairs of a blue building where below it was a fish storage Market

Late afternoon, we went to Proboscis Monkey River Cruising and as soon as we reach there, we saw a lots cute but bit naughty monkeys hehehehe...Even the manager there said we have to be extra careful with our belongings as the monkeys can just grab your bags or camera.

This one really wild as you can see it wont let you touch him

Cute Baby Monkey

This one is the Coconut Crab, hermit crab species and it is the largest land-living arthropod in the world, and is probably at the upper size limit of terrestrial animals with exoskeletons in today's atmosphere. Looks freaky actually, but they were actually quite shy...for now

Tea Break and leisure time

After tea break, the manager brief us more information about the proboscis and gave some advise not to yell or shout as we must respect the spirit of the jungle and yelling and shouting off course makes the wild habitats run away and hide.

Always smile for the camera

While cruising, the guide lead us to this magnificent eagle

Really beautiful show by the nature

Flocks of Bird on the beautiful evening sight

The sun begin to set

Time to go back but before we do, we all had dinner not just all staff of STB but also SPS staff. After dinner off to Dragon Inn, Goodbye Beautiful Nature