January 31, 2011

January 28, 2011

Letter for future me

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Dear future me,
The first thing I want to start is that I hope that the life wouln't be as lousy as it is right now. So, how is it going? have you figured out what life's about yet? More importantly have you learnt to finally be happy yet?

Well, I writte this letter to you, I mean me, but a few years from now. Maybe 10 or 5 days until your 30th birthday? Well to be honest right now the fact makes me shiver...I just hope by the time you read this you will just laugh at how many things are so confusing back then. I hope you have found whatever makes you  happy and hope you'll find a way to actually accept that you always been happy.
Let me tell you if you not then you shoul a.s.a.p DON"T FORGET. Remember how everyone in here is so important to me right now. Family, friend, lecturer and everybody who once helping you when you in need. Please don't forget all this. Its precious.

See all the people you knew back then were actually doing something with their lives, while you've just figuring out what to do. Let me tell you, that even if there's no god and there's nobody watching over your back, I have expectations for you, a very high one. And shame on you if you forget, shame on you if you couldn't handle it, because I know you can. well I'm not asking you to make fortune or anything but to be happy in exchange. Do you know my deep depression right now?

Dear future me, by then you better not be chasing money. You better not be on some job you don't want to earning enough money. Believe me, I hate it. It's like living on a straight line. You better hate it too. I'll be glad, you'll be glad when you read this. If by the time you have found a way to make enough money for a house you like to live in, to buy whatever you need to live, and a little extra to enjoy, and most importantly, to support all those you love now, and you'll be love by then.

Ok then. I guest that all for now. I don't know if this is the only letter for you, or just the first one. But please don't forget who and how you were when you wrote this letter, because that's when your life really started.
I hope by the time you read this letter, you'll laugh and it'll make you happy because you've done everything I asked you and more. Hope your or our dreams travelling around Europe will be implemented. If not , WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?!? You better get it fixed or you better have a gut to kill yourself, because you're not worth your own life (...just kidding)

So by the time you read this letter again, you be HAPPIER than now. Oh, and write back. I want to know about your journey 10 years in the future too

Peace and love

January 26, 2011

Notes like raindrops, they come from somewhere...

What is it about music that can just take over us?
A song can instantly cheer you up. It can just as quickly make you sad. A lullaby will put you to sleep, and when a
song you love comes on the radio you just want to get up and dance! A song featuring the lyrics ‘holy guacamole’ just made me laughs.
It’s one of the few things that everyone likes, and has an individual opinion about – and everyone’s opinion is different, and that’s what is expected. In the public forum we are expected to have opinions that fall into certain categories of the argument. People often expect that if your opinion of A is B than your opinion of C must be D, and if your opinion of C is, say X, then your opinion of A couldn’t possibly be B, but rather must be Z.

But with music it’s not the same. There are no constraints on the types of songs, or artists we prefer, based on what other types we prefer.
Any like or dislike, and any combination of the two is perfectly acceptable.

If your favorite song is a dead tie between Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo & Juliet –Fantasy Overture’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’, it’s not only perfectly fine and normal, it might even be pretty cool.So, what is about music that we love? Is it a message the song delivers, in lyrics for example? Is it how the sound feels resonating through your body? Is it what you see when you close your eyes? Or does it just unexplainably make you smile, and make you happy?

Well, I’m not exactly sure. But I do know that everyone has a song that they will say they ‘love’ and they mean it.
It’s that one song that when they hear it, it just makes them genuinely happy, for whatever reason.

It’s something that will hold that a special place in your heart and that will have the same effect on you no matter when you hear it, be it in 5 minutes, or 5 years. ...er no, not like this...

So, this music you love, that’s so dear to your heart, where did it come from? How did you hear it? We are usually pointed to music by some source, the radio station, Pandora, a TV station, or show, any variety of websites designed to help us discover music, or even just a friend telling us.

So, to leave you with a few thoughts, since you didn’t find your music on your own, which has been making the decisions for you about one of the few things you, are completely entitled to your individual opinion about? Think I’m full of it? Tell me how you found a song you love,without any input from any one else

January 19, 2011

Yui Aragaki - WALK (Movie Ver.)

Hi, yeah I know you guys reader might have been wondering what the hell I post this song once again ( oh well the one in my previous blog..) I'll try to find some space to sing this song but my sister always saying that my voice are really, REALLY not okay at all. Thanks for the compliment my dear sister, I'll take this as a challenge for life. No music, no fun right? Okay, I'll try to practice this one first! Better be real this time!

Royal wedding sparks debate on UK succession › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Royal wedding sparks debate on UK succession › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

January 18, 2011

Time is flying by...

Hello readers!
Sneezing here, sneezing there, I just can’t stop sneezing. The weather has turned to freezing, with sudden change this morning’s temperatures in the high 30s and unfortunately some classrooms don’t feel much better, especially at 8am.
Well I just finish my Japanese class with sister Sarara and guest what? My sensei said that for our third oral test, our class may had to sing Japanese song instead of using daily coversation. Interesting but feel awkward at the same time because of my long stagefright, I dont't sing in front of everybody since my very first embarassement when I was in primary school.... Kinda hate it

So I've already choose a few song in my mind. And of course all of it are Japanese song by a few of my favorite Japanese singer ^_^. Well lucky for all of us that our sensei just mention to us that our oral test will be not in front of audience but just between one-to-one person means that only you and your sensei listen to your singing and crappy and duckling voice. Ha~ kidding but that's the ugly truth about me. Sometime when I start to sing in front of everyone, I'll definitely just smile, mouth was open but I TOTALLY FORGOT what to sing.

Walk lyrics

小さなこの胸に詰まった 想い抱きしめて
広い大空にこの声は いつか届くはず

だから怖がらないで歩いていこう 一緒に
どんな時でも 信じるその気持ち なくさないで

どんなに遠く 離れてても
迷わずに進むよ この道を
涙溢 れる日もあるけど

きっと間違ってなかった 胸を張れるように

だから進み続けよう選んだ道を 迷わずに
つらい時には そっと優しさくれる君がいる

いつかきっと 自分を誇れるように

諦 めないと決めた想い
心 に深く刻み込んで

どんなに遠く 離れてても
迷わず進むよ この道を
涙溢 れる日もあるけど

And I had to memorize all this?
This are lyrics by a Japanese singer, Aragaki Yui which one of my favorite singer when it's come soft voice like her.

Yeah well for the record, I may not as good as her but hey, practice makes perfect and of course, always seeking faith from GOD. It's important you guys! Well there are still two month to go, so I had to get practice by then. My sister? Ha trust me she sing a lot better than I do. We once enter a singing competition and at the end of the day, well she manage have a first spot and I'm ...the fourth spot. She sung very well, and I'm happy for her. Way to go, Sis!

So, gotta pratice my duckling voice, eventough I'm become very busy bee nowadays!

January 17, 2011

MotionPortrait iPhone apps surpass 1 million downloads › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

MotionPortrait iPhone apps surpass 1 million downloads › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

No comment for this but it's kinda great or cool, I supposed

Path of enlightened

So, I'm trying this whole enlightenment thing. Decided that since it was a new year, I'd try to turn my attitude around and be a better and more loving, more accepting person. I'm currently reading books by James Van Praagh, the medium. I've gotta tell you, his books are incredible. So full of wisdom and encouragement and love. It doesn't even matter if any of it is true; it's inspiring.

Only problem with the path to enlightenment is that it's a rather lonely one. When you don't have many friends with the same ideals as you, it's really hard to stick to the program, so to speak.
I have no one to talk to about any of this. I have no one to exchange ideas with or ask questions or anything. All of my friends are either really religious or have no idea what any of this is all about. It's frustrating.

But, I'm sticking to this. I have to. His words have inspired a change and I'll be damned if I give up after just starting.

I guess the point of this post was to reach out to those of you trying this path yourself. I'd love someone to chat with about it all.

January 13, 2011

5-yr-old girl dies after falling out of car and being run over in driveway at Tochigi home › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

5-yr-old girl dies after falling out of car and being run over in driveway at Tochigi home › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Flower of the day

Sweet William

Sweet William is a traditional English Garden plant, native to the mountains of southern Europe from the Pyrenees east to the Carpathians and the Balkans. It is also called Dianthus barbatus and Indian Carpet.

It is a biennial and has a two-year life cycle. It grows from 6 inches to 2 foot (15 to 60 cms) long.

Sweet William has simple flowers with serrated petals. They have clusters of deliciously clove scented flowers with notched petals and quite broad leaves with entertaining whiskery tufts poking through the flowers. They come in all shades of lilac, pink, white and red; there are single or double varieties; a selection of markings and eyes. It has green, blue-green tapered leaves which are 4-10 cm long and 1-2 cm broad.

The plant is very easy to grow. It grows best in cool areas and is not suitable for tropical zones. It flowers from late spring through to summer. They need a sunny spot and a well drained soil. It should be watered regularly. Plant them where you want them to flower. They grow well in containers on a balcony or patio as well as in the garden.

They are excellent as cut flowers so grow some for show in your borders or containers and some just for cutting. Sweet William has been a favorite in the flower border for generations

Did you know?

·Sweet Williams are particularly useful for attracting Large Skipper butterflies.

·It is an ideal spring flower often blooming 60 to 90 days after planting under ideal environmental conditions.

·It has - 437,000 average seeds per pound.

·It is named after Saint William of York, William the Conqueror, or Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.

The gift of a Sweet William indicates yearning, a wish for a smile! This fragile blossom is a garden pink, scientifically named Dianthus barbatus, with bearded petals. Sweet William is a pink plant having clusters of small, variously coloured flowers. It is also referred to as bunch pink.

Famous for its spicy fragrance, this blossom belongs to the popular group of ornamental pinks. Of course, even flower experts differ in their interpretation of the ‘true meaning’ of this flower. A gift of sweet William requests, “SWEET LADY,GRANT ME ONE SMILE!"

flower Encyclopedia

January 11, 2011

She so fake....

Hello readers! Today was really bad day for as some people just don't know how to quit! Well I'm talking about a girl in my class who are so hypocrite and pretending when there's my lecturer in front of her... not me even when my lecturer scold me....

I hate her from the very first beginning of our semester, since I'm learning Japanese I would like to call her 'B' ....ha stand for BUTANIKU!! ( Ah ~ That's better) Well maybe it was just me or not but when I first know her, I knew that our friendship will never last forever....whatever

Okay, last semester everyone felt sorry to one my so called friend ( yes, I don't think she my best friend anymore...ugh) saying that she had to do all the work from that BUTANIKU since they were in group together...she told us all in front of the class as if like she looking for sympathy or something but then when that BUTANIKU came in, she stop and pretending there's nothing happen...hmmm how HYPOCRITE YOU ARE ABBY!! Why? You think that she's really that great until you had to do whatever she tells you to do and ....be a pets for her? Please....

This so called BUTANIKU were actually not so great at all and not to mention that she always got almost C's for her result, which makes me think " I'm better, she so pity" ugh, just a thought about her makes me feel want to slap on her face.....( can I do that?)....apparently not

But can I do this?

Next another about class, everyone are so....okay the truth are ...Yes Pretending!! Yesterday we are divided into a few group where everyone don't want to be in group with BUTANIKU. My sister just shout as if she were giving a speech to everyone and announce that she don't to be in group with BUTANIKU. She everyone was like starring her and agree that they have same idea in mind. But not today I guest.

It just not right....Anyway, I rather be alone than be with people, it's because they simply can stab your back without you even notice it....My life full with Hypocrite people ....but my friend who's I called them 'Computer Lab members' hehehehe

Here's a qoute for BUTANIKU
"The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity"

What shall I write about her?....Nevermind forget about her, I'm better and she so pity.

Man dies, wife injured in knife and sickle attack in Tokyo home › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Man dies, wife injured in knife and sickle attack in Tokyo home › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

January 10, 2011

Just create a new blog

hello readers, Surprise? me too..
I've just create myself a new blog since my previous one making a lot of trouble, so it's 2011 and let me just started a new chapter in life...
Hope to catch up with you soon!