January 11, 2011

She so fake....

Hello readers! Today was really bad day for as some people just don't know how to quit! Well I'm talking about a girl in my class who are so hypocrite and pretending when there's my lecturer in front of her... not me even when my lecturer scold me....

I hate her from the very first beginning of our semester, since I'm learning Japanese I would like to call her 'B' ....ha stand for BUTANIKU!! ( Ah ~ That's better) Well maybe it was just me or not but when I first know her, I knew that our friendship will never last forever....whatever

Okay, last semester everyone felt sorry to one my so called friend ( yes, I don't think she my best friend anymore...ugh) saying that she had to do all the work from that BUTANIKU since they were in group together...she told us all in front of the class as if like she looking for sympathy or something but then when that BUTANIKU came in, she stop and pretending there's nothing happen...hmmm how HYPOCRITE YOU ARE ABBY!! Why? You think that she's really that great until you had to do whatever she tells you to do and ....be a pets for her? Please....

This so called BUTANIKU were actually not so great at all and not to mention that she always got almost C's for her result, which makes me think " I'm better, she so pity" ugh, just a thought about her makes me feel want to slap on her face.....( can I do that?)....apparently not

But can I do this?

Next another about class, everyone are so....okay the truth are ...Yes Pretending!! Yesterday we are divided into a few group where everyone don't want to be in group with BUTANIKU. My sister just shout as if she were giving a speech to everyone and announce that she don't to be in group with BUTANIKU. She everyone was like starring her and agree that they have same idea in mind. But not today I guest.

It just not right....Anyway, I rather be alone than be with people, it's because they simply can stab your back without you even notice it....My life full with Hypocrite people ....but my friend who's I called them 'Computer Lab members' hehehehe

Here's a qoute for BUTANIKU
"The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity"

What shall I write about her?....Nevermind forget about her, I'm better and she so pity.

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