January 18, 2011

Time is flying by...

Hello readers!
Sneezing here, sneezing there, I just can’t stop sneezing. The weather has turned to freezing, with sudden change this morning’s temperatures in the high 30s and unfortunately some classrooms don’t feel much better, especially at 8am.
Well I just finish my Japanese class with sister Sarara and guest what? My sensei said that for our third oral test, our class may had to sing Japanese song instead of using daily coversation. Interesting but feel awkward at the same time because of my long stagefright, I dont't sing in front of everybody since my very first embarassement when I was in primary school.... Kinda hate it

So I've already choose a few song in my mind. And of course all of it are Japanese song by a few of my favorite Japanese singer ^_^. Well lucky for all of us that our sensei just mention to us that our oral test will be not in front of audience but just between one-to-one person means that only you and your sensei listen to your singing and crappy and duckling voice. Ha~ kidding but that's the ugly truth about me. Sometime when I start to sing in front of everyone, I'll definitely just smile, mouth was open but I TOTALLY FORGOT what to sing.

Walk lyrics

小さなこの胸に詰まった 想い抱きしめて
広い大空にこの声は いつか届くはず

だから怖がらないで歩いていこう 一緒に
どんな時でも 信じるその気持ち なくさないで

どんなに遠く 離れてても
迷わずに進むよ この道を
涙溢 れる日もあるけど

きっと間違ってなかった 胸を張れるように

だから進み続けよう選んだ道を 迷わずに
つらい時には そっと優しさくれる君がいる

いつかきっと 自分を誇れるように

諦 めないと決めた想い
心 に深く刻み込んで

どんなに遠く 離れてても
迷わず進むよ この道を
涙溢 れる日もあるけど

And I had to memorize all this?
This are lyrics by a Japanese singer, Aragaki Yui which one of my favorite singer when it's come soft voice like her.

Yeah well for the record, I may not as good as her but hey, practice makes perfect and of course, always seeking faith from GOD. It's important you guys! Well there are still two month to go, so I had to get practice by then. My sister? Ha trust me she sing a lot better than I do. We once enter a singing competition and at the end of the day, well she manage have a first spot and I'm ...the fourth spot. She sung very well, and I'm happy for her. Way to go, Sis!

So, gotta pratice my duckling voice, eventough I'm become very busy bee nowadays!

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