November 25, 2011

Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Happy Thanks Giving

Hello all, Just a quickie post for today
I wish everybody had a very great and bless thanksgiving plus for many years to come

Well, Thanksgiving day is not very common here in Malaysia but since my family used to stay abroad (went to America) for 8 years so the tradition of thanksgiving still running in the family. We had chicken breast every year as the turkey was really cost us a lot here in Malaysia

So once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all bloggers and May God Bless us all

November 23, 2011

Time for trip after STA night and the wedding...again

Hey all it's me again.
Boy it's really been a week since my last post...Quite busy these days actually.But the season of warmth is around the corner so just for a quickie post for today. These few week was really exhausted week for as I am very busy with Sabah Tourism Award on last Saturday night and one our staff wedding day yesterday. But yet all event that happen for these 2 week was really great and amazing.

On STA night, all the ladies was really beautiful and the guys were looking very great. Everything went well for the usherer and usherettes as our work of course to assist all the VVIP, VIP, the guest and other to their table and etc,etc
Well of Course some guest can be really RUDE ACTUALLY!! Whatever...

Suzan, Elvy and me
P.S Honestly I don't really satisfied  with my hair that night, but all my friends said I look different and really beautifull...

Funny things, some my friends didn't even recognized me when I'm wearing the dress on STA night. But what bad about the STA night it was raining cats and dogs that night and some of our friends had to go back early as their house were flooded.Even at the Magellan Sutera Hall the worker of the hotel had to keep the swater from entering the door as it was really flooded outside the hall. Don't ask me how they do it. Anyway,overall I love most is the hall decoration where it look really a combination grand and romantic silver-ish black with light yellow color. The food ....emmm...maybe not really into it but the dessert was nice and I love the vanilla Ice-Cream with lemons deco with orchid. Simple yet elegant. Next, our STB team had practice this 'shuffle dance' and of course they dance on the stage that night with other dancer. Great night!!

The wedding, well it was last night actually with Beautiful white and pink as the main theme. But funny thing is we all straight from work to and everybody was like ...trying searching for make-up (You know how you look like after whole day work and feel miserable, don't you?)and lucky one of my friend Murielle were good in make-up and help them all. And for me, I didn't get the wedding invitation actually but my friend Cynthia cannot make it, I go as her representative. Quite embarrassing actually when everyone around you look so beautiful except you but I don't mind that. I enjoyed myself ^_^.

November 4, 2011

Busy Week

Hello all...

I'm so damn mentally tired as all the paperwork has to be done and all the guest of Sabah Tourism Award I had to re-do it in alphabetical order again.
But what excited me the most having a wonderful dinner in Magellan,Sutera Harbour on last Tuesday. And believe me, everyone dressed up and look very beautiful and elegant. Well as for me I just wear the Baju Kurung ...plain and simple baju kurung. This is my first time attending such event and it really makes me feel nervous. Its acually a fashion show but honestly not all the design are eye-catching (plus heavy make-up on all models are scary actually...) But all of us who go to the event also cheer for our friend, Allie...

On the next day, at garlanding at KKIA for the first time was really a disaster and embarrass moment for me as all four of us (my friends including me) had to garland our guest which are from South Korea. So excited at first, but when mistake happen, you tend to get a bit scared and panic. In fact I try to calm myself and just be professional ( Which I'm not...) was fun and all until one of us started to mention things about ghost (...And it really make me scared as my home are countryside type next to a big spooky 'woodland'. Yikes !