November 4, 2011

Busy Week

Hello all...

I'm so damn mentally tired as all the paperwork has to be done and all the guest of Sabah Tourism Award I had to re-do it in alphabetical order again.
But what excited me the most having a wonderful dinner in Magellan,Sutera Harbour on last Tuesday. And believe me, everyone dressed up and look very beautiful and elegant. Well as for me I just wear the Baju Kurung ...plain and simple baju kurung. This is my first time attending such event and it really makes me feel nervous. Its acually a fashion show but honestly not all the design are eye-catching (plus heavy make-up on all models are scary actually...) But all of us who go to the event also cheer for our friend, Allie...

On the next day, at garlanding at KKIA for the first time was really a disaster and embarrass moment for me as all four of us (my friends including me) had to garland our guest which are from South Korea. So excited at first, but when mistake happen, you tend to get a bit scared and panic. In fact I try to calm myself and just be professional ( Which I'm not...) was fun and all until one of us started to mention things about ghost (...And it really make me scared as my home are countryside type next to a big spooky 'woodland'. Yikes !

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