August 31, 2013

Sisterhood on Independent Day

Spending quality time with my other half before going to work....Ah my sis pic always better than  mine. Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian out there and enjoy your weekend!!

August 25, 2013

Borneo International Marathon 2013

Hey all you bloggers, this morning I just finished my FIRST 21KM Borneo International Marathon!! YAY !! It was really great as everybody were very excited about it (...and feeling nervous too!!) Well I've participated 10KM for last year and this year I go with 21KM. Really of proud of all the people who have joined this big event. Well your legs will forgive you ...eventually I almost cry because of the muscle pain attack and were really exhausted especially when we reached the 19KM. And yes we still need to keep going because we don't want to waste our time. Here's the photo after we all done running

 photo via @cas_lah

Right run I had to continue my work (..we even get our self fake puppy dog tattoo!!) but thank God it doesn't involved any big movement as even if I walk to the shops and buying drinks, I still felt the muscle pain. Of course I hope it would heal by tomorrow (Cross finger...)

photo via Elsie M

August 9, 2013

Happy Eids and God Bless everyone

Wishing everybody out there a  GREAT AND AMAZING EIDS of the year. * Life is far so good!