February 25, 2011


It seems that nobody reads this anymore and my theory is that it might be because I’ve been posting in the evening instead of the morning/afternoon.
This is another sign that I’m slacking and starting to lose motivation. All very bad and I’m trying desperately to come up with something to counteract them.

For starters, I went to a writers group today for the first time. It reminded me of the creative writing class that I took in grade 10 which remains to this day, my favourite
class and the teacher is my favourite teacher ever. Moving back onto topic, we did a couple of writing exercises that really put me in the mood to write.

The first one was to write about a place that you really enjoy and immediately, this sprang to my mind.

There are two places that I go each week. The first is college and the second is home. At home, I am hounded by my mother and my siblings.

“Fatim, do your laundry!”

“Fatim, clean out the dishwasher!”
Felt like I'm bullied by others, even my family

It doesn’t vary too much other than when I’m at home alone. Then it’s me nagging myself, which is why I look forward to work...==;

Hate my life

February 23, 2011

College, life, family.....all mixed up!

Hello reader's! Well another day has passed and I don't really in the mood right now but well at least I must get to manage a post for today. Well our lecturer Ms Nelly George asked all of us about the activity for our trip again in Kundasang ( hope you guys can still remember my previous blog post on ' K stand for Kundasang'.

I don't know but someone has recommended an activity in which I think was really stupid! Playing Assasination-wannabe really inviting a trouble in the middle of the night. Am I being really 'threatening behavior' for my classmate? Well getting there soon 'cause I really can't stand each one of them actually especially the person I hate most( I've told her name on my previous blog!)

As we all discussing about the activity, I'm actually concerned about the safety of the our class. FYI the Rina D'villa Lodge was actually located in the middle of the forest 500m away from Kinabalu Park! Sorry mother earth, not that I don't like nature but sometimes surrounded with more green would make me creepy a bit.

Okay back to topic, I just pray that we'll having a good time before we saying goodbye to each other. I'm really going miss them though, eventhough they sometimes are getting on my nerve.=) Anyway, we're just solved some question of Basic research Methodology, not bad at all! Mr Defiry gave us a chance to discuss with each other. Love the eay he teach, fatherly-like lecturer. Hey, my parents has already divorced and I'm living with my mom, sometimes I really wonder what are the feeling of having a father. My very own father has been away from us since me and sister Sarara were very little.

And not to forget that I had the time to visit my friend in computer lab. Ms Rozie as she was really good person. Chatting with her for a while makes me forget about stress landing on my head this morning. But poor her as her busy life was really intense too! Entering Japanese class always makes me feel happy as each day we always learn new vocabularies and such. Looking at some of my friend pronountiation of the Japanese word
really makes me giggle a bit( Japanese is my 'food')
God, like always, family problem! I just found out that my stupid aunt just got fired from her soon-to-be-permanent job. I was like ' hell yeah, serve her right' but somewhere inside of me just feel really sympathy with her.

Ha~ this are 101 about that my aunt:
- she's very lazy kind of person
- she doesn't like us that much
- the only thing in the world she care is her stupid appearance (selfish)
- she 's in her 40's and don't even know how to cook
- 4 years ago, she angrily saying me and sister Sarara will become a fail person ( guest who the FAILURE NOW?)
- Hypocrite, nasty, dirty, not independent, etc,etc
- Typically she not what you think what a normal aunty does, she's a bitch!!( A ~ that's better)

Hey, evethough I'm maybe a threathening type but I not that bad ( really? ...Hmmm)
Some days it was hard though

February 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Hi hi readers! Just another manic Monday
Plain rainy day and everyone are not really in the mood
Just finish my Nature Tourism class and the rain is pouring! Damn it!What am I doing today? Well nothing I'll definitely alone this entire hour of my class. Sister Sarara are absent, so it's only me went to college today.


February 18, 2011

Notes like a raindrops, they come from somewhere

What is it about music that can just take over us?
A song can instantly cheer you up. It can just as quickly make you sad. A lullaby will put you to sleep, when a song you love comes on the radio you just want to get up and dance! A song featuring the lyrics 'holy guacamole' just made me laughs...

It's one of the few things that everyone likes, and has an individual opinion about - and everyone 's opinion is different, and that's what is expected. In the public forum we are expected to have opinions that fall into certain categories of the argument. People often expect that if your opinion of A is B than your opinion of C must be D. And if your opinion of C is, say X , then your opinion of A couldn't possibly be B, but rather must be Z.

But with music's it's not the same. There are no constraints on the types of songs, or artists we prefer, based on what other types we prefer. Any like or dislike, and any combination of the two is perfectly acceptable. If your favorite song is a dead tie between Tchaikovsky's 'Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture' and Led Zeppelin's 'Stairways to Heaven', its not only perfectly fine and normal, it might even be pretty cool. So, what is about music that we love?

Is it a message the song delivers, in lyrics for example? Is it how the sound feels resonating through your body? Is it what you see when you close your eyes? Or does it just unexplainably make you smile, and make you happy? Well, I'm not exactly sure. But I do know that everyone has a song that they will say they 'love'and they mean it. It's that one song that when they hear it, it just makes then genuinely happen, for whatever reason. It's something that will hold that a special place in your heart and that will have the same effect on you no matter when you hear it, be it in 5 minutes, or 5 years.

So, this music you love, that's so dear to your heart, where did it come from? How did you hear it? We are usually pointed to music by some source, the radio station, Pandora, a TV station, or show, any variety of websites designed to help us discover music, or even just a friend telling us. So, to leave you with a few thoughts, since you didn't find your music on you own, which has been making the decisions for you about one of the few things you are completely entitled to your individual opinion about. Think I'm full of it? Tell me how you found a song you love without any input from anyone else =)

February 16, 2011

To much to handle

Its Wednesday and it rain cats and dog in Kota Kinabalu....
Not a sunny day I guest and I keep busy with my assignment project paper
Ah ~~~ this is so frustrating! I can't even concentrate on my work
So what am I going to do? For now I think I’ll take a couple of deep breaths and get through today. Then I’ll study for the Statistic just in case... Indecisions indecisions, but I’m only 19, I’m allowed to change my mind a couple of times, right? … But for now; deep breaths and fingers crossed.

I wonder happen to the opposite of the world

February 14, 2011

Valentines, forget the wining and dining. Do something that matters

Hello readers! Well its Valentine, so I'm sure everyone has their own saying and opinion about Valentines day.

Every year February 14, is celebrated as Saint Valentines Day all across the world. Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year for all youngsters . There is a holiday on this day so that all lovers can enjoy and express there feelings to one whom they love. Even though the history of St. Valentine’s Day and the patron Saint behind it is shrouded in mystery but we treat month of February as the Month of Romance. This day involves mutual exchange of Valentines. Loved ones celebrate by presenting flowers, gifts , offering candies ,sending e cards , sending love messages and much more all in the name of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.
Valentines signs and symbols generally have a outline of a heart and containing picture of CUPID with wings . Now the tradition of sending Cards and Greetings with Valentine Hearts engraved on them has become very popular.

Well my Valentines was not really fun today as our class has been cancelled and nobody even my friends tell me and Sister Sarara about this (which makes me really mad ). Oh well, somebody haven't been here in KK since Chinese New Year are still in holiday mood I supposed...
But the good thing is, I manage to do some of my homework instead of hearing everyone saying 'Happy Valentines' to each other. Honestly, Valentines day quite fun when you share it with your friends and family. Even your loves too!( if you have one..)Well, I have my crush on someone but I don't have the guts to tell him...

Okay, talk about relationship, there's only thing in my mind - Expectations. Somewhere in the past someone must have said that it’s just but normal to have certain expectations. Especially when you’re in a relationship with someone. And so we live by that rule. But the thing about expectations is that when they’re not met, they ruin everything. I realized a few things. love begins at the point where you lower you expectations and the other reaches to meet them. In every relationship, we always have expectations. It doesn’t matter what kind of a relationship you have, we always have expectations. And when they are not met, we get disappointed.Thats just a thought, a matter of opinion I would say...

HA~ thinking of my uncle right now, because on Valentines day he would never forget to bring his fiancée some delicate and beautiful roses good luck for him! Well I'm okay if there's anybody wants to give me a bouquet of flower ( some red roses might be nice!) NGEH!!! Crazy me. Last time I've ever talk about love, mom scolded at me saying that I better concentrate on my study rather think stupid thing like. Since then I never ask something that are related about relationship or life( I may good with academic but zero when it comes to private life). But hey, express your love to mother(earth)by reduce cardboard boxes, no disposable containers, no bottled water. OR get your heart pumping - Charity walks and runs raise money for a good cause and get you moving in the great outdoors. Bring the family or your co-workers along to make it a team event.

Whatever it is, behind all our roles and personalities and professionalism, each of us, at essence, is a living, loving being. Sure, on the other 364 days of the year we might try to fake it, but on this one day, the world agrees: Love is where it’s at. Call it spirit, call it sweetness — whatever you want to call it, we’ve all got it. It’s just a matter of what we do with it. hehehe

Well thats it for today everyone, had to grab my lunch! ( I haven't eaten all day and I'm really really really hungry)


February 10, 2011

Sweet hearts › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Sweet hearts › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Business with DBKK ...totally finish for now

Hey readers, how are you doing? Well I've been away since the Chinese New Year Celebration and I'm having so much fun. Well this week were really a headache to me and Sister Sarara plus the boys our friend....
Okay yesterday was really crazy for us since we had to go for DBKK for more info of Gaya Street Sunday Market....Argh and guest what? Instead of heading to DBKK headquaters, the person that we had make our appointment with last Monday was totally ....Stupid, Stupid...Ha~ thats better, I don't know how they do their work. Too Slow and wasting time. I hate it

I'm still on the for today post but I promise I'll you guys the rest of the event..Ciao

H.I.S. to sell air tickets from Tokyo to Bangkok for Y4,800 › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

H.I.S. to sell air tickets from Tokyo to Bangkok for Y4,800 › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011! Year for the Rabbit ~~

Hello dear bloggers ! Chinese New Year celebration is around the corner and I thinking posting about this great celebration. Well Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade.

The Chinese calendar is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle is about 29.5 days. In order to "catch up" with the solar calendar the Chinese insert an extra month once every few years (seven years out of a 19-yearcycle). This is the same as adding an extra day on leap year. This is why, according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors .The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital of all the rituals, united the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family. And of course, without firecrackers, Chinese New Year are BORING!!

You there? Okay.

2011 is the Metal Rabbit. The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle consisting of 12 animals.
(Note: The 12 Zodiac animal signs (生肖 shengxiao) are, in order, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (ram or
goat), monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.)

A person born in the Year of the Rabbit is believed to be neat and tidy
Like the rabbit they are usually prefer to stay out of conflict and pretty quick to get themselves out of trouble.
They also do not like taking risks. The person born under this Zodiac sign feels attached to their families and also likes the company of others - not happy being alone.
The rabbit person tends to keep their emotions inside and is seen as being “cool, calm and collected” or being in control of the situation. He or She is often intelligent and shows interest in worldly things.

Well enough about the info, many of my friends was in holiday mood( most of them are Chinese decendent). And most of them are planning on going back to their hometown which are very far from Kota Kinabalu. Oh well I decided this festive season, I rather go out and heading toward Gaya Street for the Lion Dance ( altough I've been thinking of something else to do) and eat some Chinese Hokkien noodles along the way. Ah ~ Can't wait until tomorrow....

But before fun time begin I had to do some work for my assigment, visiting Sabah Tourism Board and etc, etc. Hmmm...
Last Chinese New Year I rememered my sister Sarara dancing 'Wonder Girls' famous song which was called 'Nobody'...that's really embarassing!

That's it for today everyone! GONG XI FA CHAI for all

P.s Don't forget to lock your door before you get out from you house especially in this kind of festival...thief might come and try to steal something from your closet

Ah~ Tired...go to sleep again