February 23, 2011

College, life, family.....all mixed up!

Hello reader's! Well another day has passed and I don't really in the mood right now but well at least I must get to manage a post for today. Well our lecturer Ms Nelly George asked all of us about the activity for our trip again in Kundasang ( hope you guys can still remember my previous blog post on ' K stand for Kundasang'.

I don't know but someone has recommended an activity in which I think was really stupid! Playing Assasination-wannabe really inviting a trouble in the middle of the night. Am I being really 'threatening behavior' for my classmate? Well getting there soon 'cause I really can't stand each one of them actually especially the person I hate most( I've told her name on my previous blog!)

As we all discussing about the activity, I'm actually concerned about the safety of the our class. FYI the Rina D'villa Lodge was actually located in the middle of the forest 500m away from Kinabalu Park! Sorry mother earth, not that I don't like nature but sometimes surrounded with more green would make me creepy a bit.

Okay back to topic, I just pray that we'll having a good time before we saying goodbye to each other. I'm really going miss them though, eventhough they sometimes are getting on my nerve.=) Anyway, we're just solved some question of Basic research Methodology, not bad at all! Mr Defiry gave us a chance to discuss with each other. Love the eay he teach, fatherly-like lecturer. Hey, my parents has already divorced and I'm living with my mom, sometimes I really wonder what are the feeling of having a father. My very own father has been away from us since me and sister Sarara were very little.

And not to forget that I had the time to visit my friend in computer lab. Ms Rozie as she was really good person. Chatting with her for a while makes me forget about stress landing on my head this morning. But poor her as her busy life was really intense too! Entering Japanese class always makes me feel happy as each day we always learn new vocabularies and such. Looking at some of my friend pronountiation of the Japanese word
really makes me giggle a bit( Japanese is my 'food')
God, like always, family problem! I just found out that my stupid aunt just got fired from her soon-to-be-permanent job. I was like ' hell yeah, serve her right' but somewhere inside of me just feel really sympathy with her.

Ha~ this are 101 about that my aunt:
- she's very lazy kind of person
- she doesn't like us that much
- the only thing in the world she care is her stupid appearance (selfish)
- she 's in her 40's and don't even know how to cook
- 4 years ago, she angrily saying me and sister Sarara will become a fail person ( guest who the FAILURE NOW?)
- Hypocrite, nasty, dirty, not independent, etc,etc
- Typically she not what you think what a normal aunty does, she's a bitch!!( A ~ that's better)

Hey, evethough I'm maybe a threathening type but I not that bad ( really? ...Hmmm)
Some days it was hard though


  1. Calm down, Fatim. Everything happens for a reason.

    Anyway, your aunty paling manang!!

  2. yeah, that's right. Anyway, what to do la kan ada aunty macam tu. HAish...Thanks for dropping by...


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