January 28, 2011

Letter for future me

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Dear future me,
The first thing I want to start is that I hope that the life wouln't be as lousy as it is right now. So, how is it going? have you figured out what life's about yet? More importantly have you learnt to finally be happy yet?

Well, I writte this letter to you, I mean me, but a few years from now. Maybe 10 or 5 days until your 30th birthday? Well to be honest right now the fact makes me shiver...I just hope by the time you read this you will just laugh at how many things are so confusing back then. I hope you have found whatever makes you  happy and hope you'll find a way to actually accept that you always been happy.
Let me tell you if you not then you shoul a.s.a.p DON"T FORGET. Remember how everyone in here is so important to me right now. Family, friend, lecturer and everybody who once helping you when you in need. Please don't forget all this. Its precious.

See all the people you knew back then were actually doing something with their lives, while you've just figuring out what to do. Let me tell you, that even if there's no god and there's nobody watching over your back, I have expectations for you, a very high one. And shame on you if you forget, shame on you if you couldn't handle it, because I know you can. well I'm not asking you to make fortune or anything but to be happy in exchange. Do you know my deep depression right now?

Dear future me, by then you better not be chasing money. You better not be on some job you don't want to earning enough money. Believe me, I hate it. It's like living on a straight line. You better hate it too. I'll be glad, you'll be glad when you read this. If by the time you have found a way to make enough money for a house you like to live in, to buy whatever you need to live, and a little extra to enjoy, and most importantly, to support all those you love now, and you'll be love by then.

Ok then. I guest that all for now. I don't know if this is the only letter for you, or just the first one. But please don't forget who and how you were when you wrote this letter, because that's when your life really started.
I hope by the time you read this letter, you'll laugh and it'll make you happy because you've done everything I asked you and more. Hope your or our dreams travelling around Europe will be implemented. If not , WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?!? You better get it fixed or you better have a gut to kill yourself, because you're not worth your own life (...just kidding)

So by the time you read this letter again, you be HAPPIER than now. Oh, and write back. I want to know about your journey 10 years in the future too

Peace and love

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