March 23, 2011

Singing Time

Hello everyone, how lucky or unlucky for you to end up in my blog..
Well as you all know that we're having a trip this Friday, we managed to pull up a few song which and mashed it up with our own taste and style...

Quite fascinating actually, at first they want to mashed up a song by Rihana(I don't know whats the title, not a fan of her) and 'Stand by me' by ~~King? so not cool at all but then at the last try out we managed to mashed up 'Stand by Me" and 'Oh Carol' and it was really great! I love it!
Everybody was quite satisfy with it. And of course there's some I called stupid people don't even wanted to work together as a team but just become a bullshit complainers! DAMN IT!

I just can't wait for this Friday to come...This trip means a lot to me as this is might be the last trip I will be joining with all the intake of DTM05/09( Although some of them I really hate the most). Well we can't please everybody, right?

Anyway, back to topics, what I hate the most is some people who conduct the chereography for the Trip, was really not so cute at all as the dance was like stupid at some part. Well I try give them some idea but they won't let me and just proceed with the dance. ...Ngeh, crying babies!

Well I'm still thinking about my coming Statistic Mid-term tomorrow and lucky for me I've start my revision since 2 weeks ago. So it was not that hard actually....Good luck for me, HA~~

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