March 14, 2011

Mid-term, busier day by day

Hello people, great day to you, you and you. Hence the title of this post I'm getting more busier time for myself, my family and of course my blog. I ust had my mid-term few hours ago and it was quite intense. Lucky for me that I did some revision yesterday, so to me everything went well for the paper. But after 1.45pm later, surely I'll be dead because we been told that our paper in Nature Tourism was quite hard that before....Ngeh!

Oh well, I'm sure all of you have heard about the Tsunami in Japan recently...God , please bless Japan. Well the Tsunami was like getting really worst, and our trip to Sapi Island was cancelled due to that matter. Hm...

Thats all for today from me everyone, I might become an inactive bloggers for some temporarily period but I promise I'll keep on posting for more....ciao!

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