December 9, 2012

Counting to Christmas

Hey all bloggers, It’s that time of year again. It seems like it arrives faster every year, but once again we have arrived at the end of one year and are about to start another. Leading up to the new year makes us reassess the year that was and begin planning our lives for the year ahead. I just hope that us family will make a massive changes in our lives but never change as in person.

Well this our theme for this year in STB, White and Blue to relax our mind and be ready for the new file, books and record and all the transaction for 2013. Wish me luck fellas..Anyway, today is lovely Sunday morning and I'm still here working for the rest of the holidays with my colleagues and hearing Christmas song for now and still counting to Christmas day...and actually there's a lot in my mind what I want for this coming Christmas

Well this are a few my favorite old times Christmas song
Silver Bells (Johnny Mathis) – I love it. I do. And it’s so melodic. Just fun to sing. There’s not much to say beyond that. Except that it’s about precious metals and shopping. How could any woman not love it?

Last Christmas (Wham!) - Christmas heartbreak, as extolled so geniusly by George Michael. Though I was also given a Wham! record, I can’t say I was ever a fan. I was always more confused by him than anything else. Sorry..

Silent Night- Let me qualify this one. I like this song. A lot, actually. Despite my having been forced to sing it hundreds of times in fourth-grade Glee Club. I’ve forgiven that. What I hate about it is that it’s one of those songs, you know, like I Will Always Love You or The Star-Spangled Banner, that everyone knows the words to, everyone sings, and most people butcher. Some songs are best left to the pros.

But I like this one VERY MUCH
Hmmm ~~ still don't have any idea for Christmas Eve...I write for more anyway, hope everyone enjoy their count down to Christmas Day

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