August 29, 2012

Time for March

Hey all, hence the title I will be busying with marching band for this week...well just in case you don't understand what I'm writing about then you can read my previous post here

Well so far we've been really good with teamwork, and all (but if you ask on our discipline...well we kinda have to work it out a bit..ngeh).

So here's of the picture of yesterday and today (this morning) rehearsal.


I've always to want to do that pose...I think its crazy-cute pose..ngeh

Yeah...thats us STB (women only)...GO GO SABAH TOURISM BOARD!

Just before the smile from everyone


Make us proud

so...this is all for now, more post to come...keep on track people!

P.S I nearly miss the bus thing morning..HUAAARRRGGGGGHHHH

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