September 3, 2012

Corporate Training Retreat a.k.a family day 2012

The Family day went out really well actually...I quite like it and this is the first time in my life I REALLY ENJOY DANCING. Well I'm just posting some of the picture that I've taken but more to come...ngeh
I just love beaches ...and my shoe

The dinner was the highlight of the night, well everybody looks different, lot of shows and performance by each department from STB and SPS too! Crazy, CRRRAAAZZYYYY NIGHT. P.s I had Headache ATTACK afterward, really can't sleep.

                                                               My leftover food always 'smile'

On the next day, breakfast  time...err the restaurant was very crowded, so I just took one yogurt and run to watch the games at the beach and take few photos of the nature.

                                                                 After breakfast, at the pool

                                                                         FUN TIMES!!!!

                                                     Final lunch before depart to STB

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