August 25, 2012

Busy month Aug - Sept

Hey all you bloggers, yes it true that month of Aug - Sept I will be a bit busy with National Day marching practice with Sabah Tourism Board Staff, well this my first time after four years since I quit marching in high school (too many assignment and exam, had to concentrate for studies). Well some of the rules and regulation during marching I still remember and some I totally forgot!! Shame on me really..

last two days we had our practice held at Merdeka Field - and of course for the first timer in marching ....was not really synchronized. Our captain keep on yelling from afar....well. But I'm glad everybody worked their butt off and try to make everything synchronized as possible, great teamwork although some of them still make noises and sort. We still need a lot of practice before 31 August ( Malaysia National Day) as there would more than just us STB makes marching performance in which from Government to private sector will be also joining and perform marching as well.

And for September early newsflash for me...JATA, JAPAN WHOAHOOOO!!!! I feel really happy...isk isk

Okay, honestly I'm really excited for JATA event since this is will be my first time out of the country of Malaysia * YAYYYY...

I really dreamed of this since I was little girl...what was it like to be in a four season country? The culture, languages, food or traditional delicacies, Gosh I just can't wait...Well my country only have two season which is summer all year and of course monsoon. My Marketing Managers (Japan) told me last month whether I have passport and visa, of course I said no as I never been out from Sabah. Ha ~ the moment he start telling me that I'll go further from Sabah, next two days I went to the Immgration Department and apply my passport.

We'll be going on this coming September and for now just a few paperwork to be done and promotion material, banner, souvenirs and more. I keep reminding myself that we all go for bussiness trip but I STILL EXCITED and thinking this as chance for explore plus self-improvement in Japanese language and TA skills. GOSHHH...

So I'll be updating for more and post picture soon, keep on track everyone!

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