January 1, 2013

2012 in Brief

Hey all you bloggers, we're now entering a New Year after struggling with ups and down in 2012. I hope everything goes well with you guys out there in 2012 ( well my sister don't...she looking forward to 2013 as 2012 brings her BAD LUCK!).

Year of 2012 being very nice to me since the very beginning; this might sound a bit cliche but I have the opportunity to travel be it short and long distance.
2012 in Brief

1) Finished my last report of Training
2) Marine Awareness - Save The Giant
3) Went for Site Inspection in Semporna and Product update: I and II
4) My life lesson from a Tree
5) One of my Happiest Moment - Graduation Day
6) My first-time-Ever Paintball Match (...and believe me, after playing one game, you really love to 'KILL'

7) 7K Charity Run - "Run Forest! RUN"
8) 'Can February March' - The Opportunity to March with STB staff here
9) Spend some quality time with family during Eids
10) Attending my friends Wedding - Big Congratulation!
11) Break our fast at our Chairman's place during Ramadhan
12) Corporate Training Family day with all STB Staff here
13) My First time out of the Country - Invading Japan!
14) The 'Dooms' day - Learn from MISTAKE, always the breaking point
15) And of course...CHRISTMAS

Well I really love 2012 (Year of Dragon)and I hope I'll be able to receive more love in 2013, and New Year resolution...err I haven't think about it yet, but keep on track everyone. (..Gosh)

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