May 16, 2011

Happy Double Birthday for my friends

Today is not a really good day for me but just post say hello to all you bloggers out there.

Well just want wish to both of my friend Abigail and Vincent Wong a great Birthday and may god bless them. Actually they had the same birthday on the same day but on different year. I year gap huh? Let me shortened their character and attitude

Abigail Clarence A.K.A Abby
- a friend, a sister and a mother
- Good but sometimes can really mean ( sorry)
- Married to one of my friend in DHM 05/09 Malcom Marwill
- sometimes can be really silent in person(really?)
- Good girl gone bad...
- Love by some peeps
- can be really annoying sometimes but actually she's nice
- Great sister to her sister and brother
- very strong person ( all I know she's not easily cry when there's a problem before her

Vincent Wong A.K.A Xiao Vin
- silent killer
- sometimes speak louder than other
- 20 by day but 27 by night ...( kidding)
- love to sing weird song
- the 'sleeping Beauty' in class
- Best friend to Hyperactive Chua Hong Tee
- can be a good listener though
- hard to predict his emotion ( sometimes I don't know when he moody or not)
- not a gentlemen but a great friend to other
- sometimes can be really sweet talking guy

All I want to say is both of them can be a really good friend to me different characteristic create different view though. As the people say...Character is much easier kept than recovered everyone. And I want to take this oppurtunities to thank both of them for being really a good friend to me throughout this 2 and half years our days in ATIC.

Once again, Abby and Xiao Vin ....Happy Birthday to both and may god bless you two

P.S I'm trying to be nice in here because today I've through a lot of things...I guest I should need something to relax my mind

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