April 18, 2011

Life ain't easy ~

I need to get back to blogging. The last few weeks have been so crazy that I have been struggling to put two thoughts together, so typing something down on the screen has been particularly difficult

The irony of it all was when I found myself in a conversation with my mom and saying out loud to her to just let it go . Well there you have it, proof that it’s easier said than done, because it’s true that when you’re looking in from the outside you are able to see that sometimes all you can do is let it go because the emotional heartache you’re causing yourself by holding on to a feeling is worse than the situation itself. I learned there was a lot of truth to my dad’s simple words and that the difficult part was accepting and letting go when you’re the one going through the situation.

What I found was that the words alone weren’t what helped, rather it was because those words were filled with thoughts of God and my faith in him . Whatever happens, no matter how difficult it may be, happens for a reason and the best thing I can do is to surrender to God, knowing in my heart that he will see me through. That fear will not get me anywhere, it will just leave me at a standstill. And most importantly that there are many things that are just out of my control and if I just continue to have faith and trust in God, then I am not alone.

A lot things had happen on college and trust me, my friends are having a big cat fight and I don't even know about it. Hello!! Yourr getting out of the college next month and you guys still fighting? I don't know which one is the wrong or right but really think that they should stop and have peace between them. So unmatured. Okay not trying to a crazy ass over here but I heard that from the third parties saying that 'Ms peanut' and 'Ms Rock' having a fight because of money own by Ms rock was stolen by ms peanut! ( ...and why I'm even called them peanut and rock? Shesh..)

Okay the story goes like this: maybe peanut put her bag beside rock's bag at the time suddely she notice that her 50 dolar was missing. And then rock saids that her 50 dolar were also missing and their accusing each other. Queation is where's the 50 dolar? Ms Peanut says that her money was been put by her mom and for Ms Rock says she put her money folded inside her bag before she left it in the classroom. What I think stupid is, why both of them want to put both their bag together in an empty classroom?
Hearing this makes me feel really dissapointed about what had happen.


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