July 7, 2011

Please...Don't be a Facebook Hypocrite honey!

Hey all you bloggers, it's me again. Just having my nice summer and a cup of warm tea. Yes hence the title, over the past few years I have noticed a trend on Facebook that seems to be getting worse and worse. I have noticed people either pasting some chain status message about how much the love God or even writing some bold statement of what God means to them constantly. While this isn’t a bad thing what concerns me more is what you would see if you looked at the various posts that surround these professions of loving God and claiming a relationship with Him.

Not that I'm being very religious this post but sometime I think people shouldn't say anything that are related to God and that’s not something to ever take lightly. Well, I guess the point of this post is just to say this remember we are not to take the name of our God lightly or in vain. If you are going to claim Him, please live a life that honors Him and shows other’s what God has done for us, on both Facebook and in our everyday life. If you can’t do this, I beg of you leave God out of your posts don’t be the negative excuse that someone is looking for in order to justify their rejection of God.

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