July 31, 2011

Crazy Saturday

Hi everyone, god I finally manage to post for today as I'm really busy with everything that happen in life. Well it can't be that bad...

Anyway, yesterday I had a very exhausted and craziest day in my entire life. We went for sightseeing at Kota Kinabalu, just spending our time together as everyone will start to get busy soon. Real soon!
God since all of us don't have any driving license, we just went there by bus which cost only RM1.80 per person from my home. As we arrived Center Point( one of the popular Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu), mom were about check the bank to see whether her paycheck already bank-in by her company. I realize that mom was really surprise as see told me that there not even a penny in her account.

So my sister Sarara start to panic and talking nonsense. We've tried everywhere and unfortunately mom's cellphone was out of credit( okay here in Malaysia if you don't have any credit for the phone, you can't simply talk cuz it act as 'money'. Simple, money no talk at all)

Since we all only have RM3 in our pocket, I've decided to go to dad's house and asking for money. Which I did. Leaving my mom and sister Sarara for temporarily, I went to Tjg Aru which located only 5 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu. I even late for the bus and the bus nearly leave without me!

Funny things is, my dad didn't show any reaction or asking me why I need the money. He just gave to me just like that.
Whoa freaky dad, I thought you were going to mad at me just like you used to do. Anyway after spending 2 and half hour at my dad's, I straight went to Center Point, meet up with mom and sister Sarara. Poor them they look very hungry and I take them to food court at the ground floor. I not hungry actually as I already ate fried noodles twice at my dad's( my stepmother really a good cook)

The next thing is, we went up to the fourth floor and window shopping for shoes then suddenly I saw this one guy, a face which I think familiar with smiling at me. And I don't know what happen to me...I just yelling ' Hi Uncle, remember me?'. My mom was like ....'who is he? Do know him?' And I was like...looking towards my and give her ' What? Aren't his our relatives? Wasn't he's the one who came to your brother's wedding?' kind of look. Sad thing is, that guy simply says hi and talking about his dead relatives and show us some of his collection about family grave yard which he want to make it bigger so all the family can gather for reunion. I thinking to myself why did he telling all this crap about corpses and grave. Yup at the time I knew I was wrong and that guy are NOT our relatives. I was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. And of course EMBARRASSING MYSELF IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY THANKS.
Even my sister Sarara said that she don't want spend time with me again I do anything silly, but at that time everybody was laughing even my mom.

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