June 3, 2011

Labuan I

Hello all you bloggers! Its me again,well hope you guys had a great and nice summer. Well as for me, I just got back from Labuan , one of the smallest states in Malaysia. Actually I went there with my mom as she want to find new job and such....change of wind I guess. At first I don't want to go cuz ....I'm not really into hot tropic weather though.

Day 1
We arrived Jesselton point at 7:30am to buy the ticket for check-in and to wait another half an hour for all aboard. This my first ferry ride to Labuan and I'm so excited. Of course just out of Sabah will be my first time but there's nothing to be afraid of( really...?). After 4 long hour inside the ferry, as the wave was really strong I feel really nauseous so I sleep for 2 hours.The waves seem much cleaner, the wind has calmed down, blue skies lighting up people’s moods but 2 hour sleep not really good for my body so I took my mums phone and playing games which is boring but oh well....

Arrived at Labuan port, me and my mom take a few picture which most of the picture of course...me! We took taxi to Mariner Hotel which located at the centre of the city of Labuan. Quite nice and simple but I like. Things that I don't like about Labuan is the weather and the food, the entertainment place which the The Financial Park is a plus too. And who said all things at Labuan are FREE DUTY? NOT!! We pay RM280 for small sweet scented perfume that cost only RM180 in Kota Kinabalu ( Don't to say the brand). Anyway, we called our cousin who worked and live in Labuan as our personal tour guide. I haven't seen him since my first year in college. That would be 2 year and a half...appproximately. Then after lunch, he drop us near Mariner Hotel and had to go for work. Yes he still on duty at the time. So my mom and I had a walk to Grand Dorsett which is 5 minutes away from Mariner Hotel. While waiting for my mom, I've decided to take a stroll along the hotel sidewalk. The Grand Dorsett was really beautiful overall it's just that only a few people went here ( Labuan).

Next, we going back to hotel and take a shower as we fully sweat because of the hot weather. The view from our room on the 4th floor looks really romantic as we can see the whole city and the beach from here.On dinner we just went back to the Financial Park and eating KFC...only.
My mum actually almost fell on the roadside and she's trying to reach my arm in which makes me also almost fell on the road. Lucky there's no car so we quickly get up and walk as fast as we can. Not a really good day though....

will be continue...

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