January 21, 2012

Random Musing

I recently have been transfered to account unit in my workplace, well seems very common for any other intership but lucky for me that my CSM told me that I'm no longer a student trainee but a TEMPORARILY ATTACHMENT!!

And honestly this news really are make happy. But I haven't tell my mother or any of my family member yet because I really want to make it as a big suprise and good news for my family. And the thought eventually burned down as my uncle ( one who always take advantage on other and SELFISH JERK)might ruin all suprises and i don't even get the chance to enjoy my 'paycheque'.

Anyway,yesterday I sent a few message to my long lost Brother just want to know hows life has been treating him....well it turned out not really good actually. He said on the other day he saw my facebook page and gets really angry because of my attire on the pic. Well wearing a sleeveless gown doesn't make you a bad person!! I'm still the old me!! Well my brother have a very strong mind in religious point of view and still I respect him for that but it doesn't mean I had to become one. Talk about religious term are not really my field but hey as far as I concerned, I never wrong toward my religious view....Whatev

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